Account Suspended, Then Reinstated, Then Suspended Again for the same reason



I had an old account under another email with the same phone number which was STILL in the registration phase, i.e. no access to seller central, no bank details, etc. I abandoned the account before registering but it counted as an active account so in August 2019 my main account (only one I use) was suspended for having a related account.

After 3 weeks of going back and fourth with Amazon, my account was reinstated and I was told no further action was required. I was reinstated because Amazon understood that the account that wasn’t registered didn’t ‘actually’ count as an active related account, and they fixed the issue.

One month later, end of October 2019, my account was suspended again for the same exact reason as confirmed by support. I’ve been trying to contact seller performance and submit the POAs and Appeals the same way as before, but not catching any responses now.

I’m in the middle of a crucial point in my business and Q4 where my sales are finally picking up and this is devastating to my business.

Nothing was changed from the last suspension, but I was suspended for the same exact reason even though I was informed no further action was required once I was reinstated.

Any tips?