Account suspended incorrectly for inauthentic complaint


Who was the publisher?


My buyer was also in Seattle. A large warehouse that I can’t find any information on.


I’m sorry, however this appeal will not be accepted.

You need to address the issue in general and not talk about a single order. Also, subjective opinions and comments like this don’t belong here.

Amazon will require you to provide valid invoices and not receipts from a liquidation sale.


This will guarantee it will be rejected. This is completely unacceptable as a response.


But it wasn’t inauthentic so…
What would you say?


You would not have said To my knowledge and belief, I have never listed or sold any inauthentic items, if you were sure your stuff is legitimate.

The way you wrote this is a huge problem.


Nymba in your account health page do you have any product inauthenticity complaints?

Mine shows 0.

I looked at the buyers of the ASIN I’m suspended about and nothing looks out of the ordinary, I mean to say it wasn’t drop shippers buying it or anything that looks like a business, all the addresses are residential.

Here is my appeal, how does it read? is there anything I’m missing?

  1. Has your account been deactivated in error?
    “We have temporarily deactivated your account because we have concerns about the authenticity of the item(s) listed at the end of this email. ASIN: 1429234148” “Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry”

I took a look at this ASIN and it looks like all sellers with new offers were mass suspended/deactivated? There are no “new” condition copies available as of this time. There are usually at least 3 full pages of new offers… which leads me to believe something has gone awry with Amazon’s algos. Forgive me for expressing my honest opinion, I mean no offense. I need to bring to your attention that there may be an error here on Amazon’s end. We have also had hundreds of SKUs suspended for “pricing error” when the price has no error and is the same as other sellers. We’re not the only ones to be impacted by this problem with Amazon’s algorithms , see the seller forums for abundant examples.

I. According to my account health report, I have ZERO product authenticity customer complaints in total, let alone any for this item. I am meeting the policy target of 0. As a result of this fact I believe this suspension in error.

  1. ASIN: 1429234148 has sold 3 times in the past year. I was unable to locate any authenticity anomalies with all the tools available to me on seller central, the 3 buyers of this item have not contacted me in any way with the exception of an out of policy return request which amazon automatically denied. I have no negative feedback from buyers regarding it, no messages regarding the orders. I have nothing to go off of.

The above should be enough to conclude we have been deactivated in error, I don’t know how to provide a plan how to meet a performance target I’m already meeting. Its not possible have less than zero authenticity complaints However as a precaution I am glad to help address Amazon’s concern and will provide bellow our best practices and policies regarding product authenticity.

  1. If a product authenticity problem arises, my policy is to suspend the listing immediately and do an audit of our supply and physical inventory, as well as our database to make sure there is no error This is to prevent a poor customer experience until the problem is identified and resolved.

  2. We do not sell counterfeit or inauthentic copies of this book or any other items. Of critical importance to us is that the item listed for sale exactly matches the product detail page, and is accurately described because this is what results in positive feedback. I know the quickest way to lose an Amazon account or be suspended is to sell inauthentic items, which does not cause a good customer experience on top of being immoral!

  3. My team and I will continue sourcing all inventory directly, and quality assuring all inventory before listing items for sale and again at the point of shipping to make sure it is 100% authentic. This way we can continue to maintain ZERO authenticity complaints by having a process to catch a problem before it occurs.

  4. I have reviewed our inventory and compared it with our recent purchases and was able to confirm that there are no authenticity issues with the listing Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry nor with the rest of our inventory. This is a regular responsibility of my job to ensure our inventory is accurate, and I continue to do this every day for all inventory.

  5. I have sent copies of invoices to as you’ve requested from me.

  6. I have a proven history of delivering over 150,000 items to Amazon buyers over the years while exceeding Amazon’s performance targets. I understand that Amazon wants us to be successful, and we in turn want Amazon to be successful. The customer’s experience is of paramount concern to us.

The above is evidence of complying with Amazon policy.

Account Suspended- Plan of action review

Your argument is well thought out, convincing, supported by evidence, and plausible. Reinstatement denied (haha JK)

150k items delivered. Wow. You have the lead on this one. I have maybe 5k. I as well have no inauthenticity complaints.

You have not submitted any appeal before this correct?
I submitted an appeal (but it was mainly stating the facts about my issue and I did not submit any receipts) on Nov 21st and haven’t heard back. From everything I’ve read here on the forums, I should at least hear a “no” email* but I haven’t even heard that. The initial email I did receive stated that I had 17 days and 2 appeals before my account was permanently banned, but I don’t know if my first appeal extended that timeline or not. IE if I don’t hear back until day 25 and it’s out of my response window (ironic), if I’m allowed to do another appeal or not.

My friend, I hope we are just victims of simple misunderstandings, but I fear we are the very tip of a tsunami wave, and something much bigger is happening.

My buyers address turned out to be a massive warehouse in Seattle, and I can’t for the life of me find out who currently occupies it or owns it.


Weird, I have also been hit with a bunch of persistent pricing errors even though my books are priced within reason. I use a professional 3rd party software that lists and does repricing for me, keeping my price within reason and setting maximum price ranges. Neato huh? Another similarity?


Unless the OP sold the book in used condition.


It was used


Neato is not related to this. Many sellers are getting pricing performance flags - it’s been going on for over a month.


Do you think this was forwarded to another party?



Sorry to read about your challenge with this. Bear in mind that Amazon has latency with posting various metric objects after events occur - in other words, it might take a while for the “strike” to post. There is also a proven history of the performance metrics being invalid at times.


Can you post your asin, @Nymba_Group? I would like to confirm if it was the same asin as @book_folio.

@Nymba_Group - was your offer a SFP or plain old merchant fulfilled? Was your condition used or new?

@Book_folio - was your offer a SFP or plain old merchant fulfilled?

Thank you


Hi all,

Just speaking with a colleague in the wholesale side of books.

  1. The asin @book_folio posted is one of the most commonly counterfeitted isbns and is known among the major wholesalers
  2. At least one wholesaler has put this isbn on a black list which they will not accept
  3. This is a relatively high value book that is easy to counterfeit
  4. My colleague sent in 17 copies to a wholesaler and 7 were rejected for being counterfeit.

My theory is that when an unsuccesful transaction occured (rejected return) the bots were so tightly focused on this asin that they triggered a suspension.

Notice that there are no more new condition offers. I believe that is an Amazon block on new condition. I still would not sell this book in used.


Suspension should never be the first option, it doesn’t make sense.

My ISBN is 0766826953 and it was an MF order in used condition.


We have been suspended as well, under the same exact set of circumstances:

  1. Buyer in Seattle purchased a used textbook from us in September.
  2. Buyer requested a return of this item, past the return policy period, for the reason “bought by mistake”
  3. Buyer otherwise never indicated any problems with the authenticity or quality of the book.
  4. We received the same deactivation letter as you, citing one ASIN as being in violation.

Considering that there are others experiencing the same things under the same circumstances, it appears to be a concerted effort by somebody to put multiple sellers out of business. We will point that out in our Amazon correspondence, for what it is worth, and perhaps you and the others could do the same.


I just got suspended on Friday for a used book that was FBA and went to a buyer at a Seattle warehouse. 0 authenticity complaints. I use Neato also. Transaction was September 22.


Publisher was Pearson