Account suspended incorrectly for inauthentic complaint


Still nothing… anonymous bookseller “Listing” was not included in their email.


You are focusing too much on the one order that resulted in your suspension, where you could check and correct ALL inventory offerings going forward, You have some used selling as new comments in buyer feedback.

Your POA could address that you have examined all your inventory to make sure you are listing your books in the correct condition. Going forward don’t list New books if you are selling only one copy and not purchasing from publisher/distributors/wholesalers.

Amazon’s decision may not have based on that one “authentic book” that you refused an out of policy return. Maybe Amazon scanned your entire account history and noticed some other issues you haven’t yet addressed with an appeal.


They did not ask for those things "Your plan does not sufficiently address the complaints we received about your listings. To be sufficient, your plan must include:

– Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent future complaints about the authenticity of your items.

Here are a few things to consider as you create your plan:
–Sourcing: Are you sourcing the product from a trusted supplier?
–Be as specific as possible in your plan.
–Do not limit your plan to issues with specific orders"

Still nothing, just automated responses.

I do believe there was an error. They would not have tried to return it if it was counterfeit. Seems like amazon is trying to fill a suspension quota. I am at a loss. I haven’t pointed out the error to them. I have been very courteous, polite, and positive. I have made real changes to my inventory, sourcing, and textbook policies.


So I thought I had a good appeal, but for the 2nd time they said I did not leave enough info to make them happy. Can I leave my appeal and could someone give me some pointers? Thanks in advance!


Yes, please post appeals here. There are sellers who can offer the wisdom of their advice.


Why don’t you post your appeal here also.

Let sellers here help you with some pointers before you contact Amazon again.


Best to start post on your OWN thread on this …


I have still only received automated messages from amazon about my suspension. I have not pointed out to amazon that this was a mistake: The book was not inauthentic. Clara Dufour was a sting operation set up by amazon. (There is another thread on this, it was admitted in a Seattle Times article.) When they tried to send back the book after the returns period, They were acknowledging the book was authentic. Amazon knows it cannot legally send an inauthentic book back. Somehow the list of people who did not accept the returns got mixed with the list of people who actually had inauthentic books. I was told by some the reigning experts not to tell amazon they are wrong, but it has been so long. My suspension was on Nov. 30. My question is this, should I point out the mistake to them or send them the following appeal again?

Here is what I sent a week ago and received the “we may not respond” response:
I am ‘my name’ from NeverEndingStoryBooks (once called Ooolalamusic.) We were suspended in November for a supposed ‘inauthentic’ textbook. The book was sold to Clara Dufour who attempted to return the book. It was ‘bought by mistake’ and the return was after the returns period. I never received a complaint from the customer, so I have no reference as to what was inauthentic about it or if it was inauthentic. I am a long-time amazon seller with high standards for customer support and very good metrics. I have thoroughly researched the issue and come up with the following resolution. Your consideration is very appreciated. Please let me know if you need any more information. I can expand on whatever area is needed and be more concise where expansion is not needed. For simplicity and your convenience, I made this rather short. Thank you.

Root cause:

We purchased a copy of ASIN 495567507 from ‘name of thrift store here’ on 1/31/2017. This source may not be good at removing counterfeit copies from the market. We acknowledge that there may be high quality counterfeit copies of ASIN 495567507 that may look very similar to the original. I may have sold a used copy unaware that it may have been a counterfeit copy.


-I will no longer sell ASIN 495567507 and I have removed the listing.
-I have given the customer a full refund
-I have educated myself on the Anti-Counterfeit Best Practices endorsed by Cengage, Elsevier, Macmillan Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, and Pearson Education(EPEG) which are designed to eliminate counterfeit textbooks from the marketplace. As a small seller of mostly used items, I have taken on the policies that apply to our business. Also, I will not buy in quantities greater than one and I will not buy from outside the US.
-I have thoroughly educated myself and my staff on how to avoid, identity, and report counterfeit books.
-I have reviewed my entire inventory to ensure that all stock is 100% authentic.
-We have looked at all sources we obtain books from to ensure that all books we sell will be 100% authentic.

Preventing the complaint from happening again:

-We believe the steps outlined above: not offering this ASIN for sale again, review of our inventory, and review of our sourcing policies will be sufficient in preventing this from happening again.
-Our account is in vacation mode. If reinstated, we will be able to use the Edit feature once again. We will go through the descriptions for a third time to make sure the condition and descriptions are accurate and adhere to amazon’s books and media condition guidelines. I will make sure they are listed on the correct page.
-Allow for a wider range of returns and maintain highly positive interactions with customers.

Customer satisfaction, adherence to amazon policies, and keeping counterfeit books out of the marketplace are extremely important to me. Again, let me know if this POA is good or if I should expand anywhere. I want to be and continue to be the best at amazon performance and to be able to show it.

Yours sincerely,
‘my name’


I have posted here. There are three of my appeals if you look through the thread.


did you solve it?


May I ask if this has finally been resolved in your favor?


They never ever responded to any email. No resolution :frowning: Its just not fair


At this point you may want to look into arbitration. What do you have to lose?
Look at the terms of service for more details on arbitration.

It’s subsection 19.

Good luck.


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Do you know who the law firm representing the publishers is? I have been targeted by four allegations of copyright infringement in the last month (with a sixteen year clean history prior to that). All four books were purchased by the same individual and mailed to a commercial address in MD. The IP claims were all filed by Oppenheim and Zebrak, a legal firm in Washington DC.


if u need help, message me


I find myself in a similar situation, though I have yet to determine the exact nature of the “copyright infringement” claim against me. Can you elaborate on Anti-Counterfeit Best Practices endorsed by textbook publishers, or a source for such information?
Many thanks. Your post was very helpful.


I would very much appreciate any help… not sure how to message you. When I clicked on your user name, it took me to a message that said your account was private.


They want sources, and they want you to say that you will cut off those sources and not use them again.