Account suspended due to DVD's not matching invoices used for approval


OK, this sucks. Here’s the letter I just got from Amazon. I used invoices to get approved to sell DVD’s over $25 msrp. They’ve suspended me for fllipping a DVD from AZ to AZ.

Advice for appeal? Thanks in advance.

Hello from Amazon,

We are contacting you today to advise that your listings have been suspended and are currently unavailable for sale. You may not sell on until further notice.

We took this action because a review of your listings within the DVD Category indicates that many of the items you are selling with an MSRP (List Price) of $25 or greater do not reflect the types of items for which you submitted invoices in your original application to sell in the category. As a result, we have removed your selling privileges in the DVD Category. A few examples of these items include:

ASIN: B00FZ2NTOM Title: The Blacklist: Season 1

Your account is still partially accessible to you. If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve your pending sales. If you would like your account considered for reinstatement, please provide us with a detailed account of what steps you will take to ensure your listings comply with our Policies and invoices that account for the shift in your offers.

For information on creating and submitting your plan of action search on “Appeal the Removal of Selling Privileges” in seller Help.

If you do not submit a viable plan and invoices within 17 days, we may cancel your listings and hold any funds in your seller account for up to 90 days. We look forward to hearing from you.


Seller Performance Team


Seller Performance Team


The ‘highly suspect titles’ sourced from itself. Perhaps THAT’S the problem?


Also, my understanding of the intent of gating, particularly since it was part of the application to have a process for identifying fakes and keeping them out of the product stream, was to have sellers who are aware of the issue and who will be proactive in preventing fakes from getting in. I didn’t see anywhere that it stated that one must buy exclusively from vendors who were noted in the application.

That being said, I certainly want to appeal. I understand that falling on one’s sword is the proper way to approach the situation, and not argue the policy. I would appreciate if someone could point me toward a good template for an appeal letter. I intend to remove all dvd titles and not sell in the category at all anymore. I don’t know how seller performance will look at that. Does anyone have an opinion of whether that’s a good approach? I think it would probably be wise to tell them that in the event that I DID ever sell in the category again that I would only sell items sourced from the sources stated in the application.

Opinions, please?

Thank you.


His listings didn’t get closed. His account is suspended. And to be fair, I suspect at the time of the ungating, the titles rule wasn’t in effect.


Seems to be a pattern developing. Folks who used DVA to get authorized who then offered highly suspect titles not purchased from DVA are having listings closed.

Looks like you need more invoices covering the titles Amazon has closed.

A lot of Amazon sellers bought small amounts from DVA to allow then to have the gate opened for tons of DVDs from other sources, defeating the goals of gating.

Good luck in finding another way to sell your inventory.


Wow. I seriously thought about doing something like this last fall for the exact same reason you state. Good thing I didn’t do it because I would be in the same boat as the OP. It was really tempting though, I now see a ton of really expensive DVDs selling for $1-3 at thrift stores that very few people are buying. You could make a killing selling these used DVDs.


What cruel irony that that title got you Blacklisted.

Amazon is still offering it for sale, so at the moment it is not an excellent opportunity to flip it.

Previously they just Inactivated such listing, or Inactivated it with the Yellow Blocked sign.

So now the suspensions get started.

I just closed my DVD listings and put my account on Vacation for now, although I did not use that source.

It is time to do some culling anyway, and two more snowy days are coming.


Amazon often tightens the rules when it’s intent has not been clear to sellers. I know how many folks counted on being able to sell their DVDs here. But Amazon has been telegraphing their desire that they wanted to curb counterfeit product for more than a year. And that meant fewer sellers and more product from distribution.


Longer than a year. The first wave came when they stopped allowing 3P sellers to offer True Blood for sale in the Autumn of 2012. Then one year later, they started Blocking many titles, and took away Sell Yours.

Even if you managed to list a few of those from Add a Product Page, it got Blocked soon after it showed up Active.


As of this moment, very few 3P marketplace sellers have Invoices for ALL THE DVDs and sets that they happen to list as of today … even after the big sweep.

But this is the first time when I hear about suspension of the account, not only blocking titles.


So Amazon is thinking, “He submitted invoices, but not invoices for the DVDs he is selling. I wonder where he’s buying those?” And they suspended you. And you’re surprised.


The problem I see here is they stated the requirements were to submit invoices in order to sell both new and used DVDs. Nowhere in the approval process did they say you had to submit invoices from all your distributors at that time or in the future–you only had to submit three invoices.

Now, they’ve changed the rules without telling anyone. They seem to want invoices from distributors you never submitted at the time of your approval if you changed distributors or are simply using a distributor you always did but never submitted an invoice from in the approval process.

The punishment for this rule change without notice is a permanent suspension. However, this might have happened to the OP because of complaints or a pattern they have found.


Sounds like this should be prominent in your appeal.


I’m not quite clear what you mean by pattern. Metrics are stellar, no a to z, ever. One pattern that I COULD see, possibly, is that coming up on Christmas, I did buy several titles FROM Amazon (not 3p). If they compared what I’d bought (on my non-Prime buying account) with what I’d listed, they’d see these matches. Perhaps the percentage of Amazon-bought titles in my inventory was too high, in their estimation. I still don’t see how this violates any policy, however.


I found the resale/wholesale market is full of very good counterfeits of season sets coming from Hong Kong…they are so good, they fooled me at first then I opened and test a disc. I contacted WB and they confirmed my suspicions. They are coming from a hotoo corporation(google it) and man they look authentic! I dont and never have sold anything NOT authentic on Amazon knowingly. Here is what I mean…and this was confirmed by WB legal team.

So be cautious what you buy for resale.


The arbitrage model of reselling is dying fast and furiously. Look at it from Amazon’s perspective: you’re getting your inventory from +somewhere+… But most of it you don’t get invoices for? I’m in the video game business. It is not dissimilar from the DVD business. Even some of the manufacturers are the same. But I sure as all heck buy 100% of my new titles from completely legit wholesalers and I’m a manufacturer authorized retailer for 100% of what I sell. If you were to do the same, you would not be in this pickle. And it isn’t an unusual situation - all retailers buy their new products from distributors. If you want to operate on Amazon, you need to act like a retailer even if you are not one.


Well, if I get reinstated I’m pulling every DVD I have. Especially since DVDs are such a small percentage of what I sell, I’d rather just not sell them. Not worth my account.


Yes, they are pretty good.

Usually the subtitle set is the give-away.

US made TV series often have English French Spanish as spoken (perhaps two English audio versions), and English, English for the Hearing Impaired, Spanish and French as subtitle choices.

Far Eastern versions often have various Far Eastern choices, plus Portuguese.

South American versions always have Portuguese in addition to Spanish, but the Far Eastern choices might be missing.

All are NTSC, Region One of course.

Even Amazon Direct sent me the Far Eastern version of a later series from Gossip Girl …

Then there are the US and the Canadian versions, often on the same page, especially if the film or TV series is Canadian, like La Femme Nikita.

On the other hand, there are various US versions, often the cheaper retail releases were made for Walmart and / or Costco!

I have Mad Men full retail version, and the Costco version, they look and feel different next to each other. The Costco version is thinner, and the discs come in a different kind of jewel case, not the fold-in type, but the one with multiple thin plastic holders inside the plastic box.


You built some of your stash in the early stages based on thrift stores and private purchases also … as USED can be quite profitable in video games also … some of us do not have the dream to open a retail store … and to compete with Amazon in New DVDs when they demand invoices is just not a very profitable way to go from now on.


Like I wrote above, I just pulled all of mine … for now, anyway, my store is on Vacation setting too.

Your suffering may have saved / prevented others, although my Invoice source is not the one you mentioned.

But I know their Amazon retail store name, so competing with them on the long run would not be wise.