Account shows a negative balance


My Amazon US account shows a negative balance even though I have never done a sale or not subscribed to the professional program yet. Please help


You may have accidentally signed up for a pro account. What is the amount?


Thanks for your kind response, but I signed up for the seller’s account and paid $ 39.99.
They asked me for documents and I attached them, but I can’t find a way to add a product.


@Elraee You are off topic for this thread. If you want help, start your own thread.


Thanks a lot for your response. Actually I joined Amazon last December and on the day I joined , I have been charged $54.95,it was professional plan by default. Then I changed my settings to individual account. It said that from next billing cycle , my plan would be individual. But now on 28th of Jan I have been charged the same amount of $54.95. That is AU market place. Now I again changed my settings to individual plan… But I can see there are negative balances shown under other market places too which is so annoying as I haven’t made a single sale yet and still pay huge amount as fees… I can see so many balances appear under global markets… why is that?
Eg Amazon US 37.70
UK 27.50

I think I really need to reverse this as I never wanted to sell in those markets even… How can I get the assistance