Account is deactivated but i have email aproval


hello, can give me any solution on this I for email
Thanks for creating a Selling on Amazon account! Your account was successfully verified and now you can log into your Seller Central account.
but still on account whiten deactivated I send all papers which asking and even extra papers 3 days ago but still no answer and account deactivated what I must do thanks


Hi @maxdac!

I recommend that you read the following post–it has many of the answers you seek: Info: Why was my account suspended, immediately after registration?.

Please post back here with any questions. This is typical for new Sellers on Amazon. :four_leaf_clover:


You must have received a reply within your Amazon Account stating why was your account suspended.

I suggest you take the case with Amazon before reading or going through the link mentioned above.

Also do not appeal until you have got everything which Amazon has requested.

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