Account Health support expands on-demand service to 100% of professional sellers in 2022


In 2021, for a portion of sellers, we launched a new Call me now support feature on the Account Health page to speak to one of our Account Health specialists on demand, 7 days a week. In 2022, we will extend this coverage to 100% of professional sellers to further expand the access to our on-demand access to the Account Health support team.

Call me now improves on the preventative support we already provide, and gives you the ability to proactively contact our team to answer your questions and help you resolve your account health issues in the most urgent situations. The dedicated Account Health support team is trained to answer your questions on the policies and performance metrics on your Account Health page.

We look forward to providing all sellers this on-demand capability in 2022.

Sell-Through/IPI/91-180 Day old inventory

Should all current Sellers on the Pro plan see this feature now?


Why only professional accounts o only we are sellers the individual too we need help to grow up and be a professional is not fair for us we always need to wait 24hrs to receive answers

 Why only professional accounts o only we are sellers the individual too we need help to grow up and be a professional is not fair for us we always need to wait 24hrs to receive answers

The professional plan is $40 USD per month. This is a very reasonable fee for on demand 24/7 support. If your “business” is not able to sustain an expense of $40 per month, and you are already needing account health support from Amazon, I would bet that the business model or path you are marching down is going to crumble underneath you.


Will this team be able to better bridge communication between the notoriously horrendous and unreachable seller policy performance team in 2022? Please say yes! (Fingers Crossed)


Unfortunately, this only applies to regular Amazon metric not PRIME metrics. What I’d really like, is to be able to speak with a PRIME representative. Completing the POA when there is no need just to communicate isn’t very efficient.


My one experience with this feature on the .com site consisted of support slowly reading documentation to me in their non-native language.

We were contacted directly by this department on the .ca side, and the information they gave us was inaccurate (and the violations were all because the BIL tool that they abandoned does not work as advertised).

How about instead of more access to carppier support, we get something that provides more support than a wet tissue? Or, adapting the account health metrics to more accurately reflect seller quality? Or providing a REASONABLE path to resolve spurious compliance/IP cases in the first place (no, Amazon, we are not infringing on our own product, and, yes, Amazon, we are allowed to mention the designer’s name in the description even if it matches a brand name, just like I can reference the Amazon River, without generating an infringement)?


I tried the “call me” function and it said connected but my phone never rang. GG Amazon.


Amazon Phone Reps reply to every problem, "We do not handle that in our department. I will have to send this information to a department that handles it.

Me: Can you just transfer me to that department.

Amazon Rep: That department does not have phone support but they will respond via email.

Amazon Rep Email Response: An auto reply that does ZERO to fix the problem. Than closes the case so you can not reply.

Rinse and Repeat.


I can pay the membership that is not the problem my question was why only professional account can have this services if all sellers we pay Amazon fees and charges and the porcentaje of our sales. We are using the same service why the difference we pay more than the professional account every single day


Same here, we had some clueless rep who barely spoke English call and tell us a bunch of non-sense that had nothing to do with any issues on our account at the time. Clearly just reading a script and unable to answer the most basic questions. After about 10 minutes of barely English word salad, ended up tell him to stop wasting my time and hung up.


Great, they made the venting hotline more accessible. We now have an express way to have someone call us who has NO tools at their disposal to solve account health issues.

This topic should be pinned, the forum would have a field day with this.


If you are paying more than a profession account in fees, you need to go back and analyze your your P&L. For any seller selling more than 40 items a month, the selling fees would always be less if you were on a professional plan. Again, this is a value add as anyone selling over 40 units a month consistently would and should already be a professional seller. If you are not, you are giving away margin dollars.


I waited til I was selling over 40 a month to change over to a pro plan, which took about a year, with no advertising budget on a new product. That was 7 years ago, and now sell over 40 a week.

But… I pay the $40 a month, and when I need support as @theinfamouslurke , the same thing happened. They said they were calling (with the correct #) but the phone doesn’t ring. So don’t feel bad, at least you aren’t giving them the money. We are and getting nothing.

Just because they say it (or send a news letter), doesn’t make it real.


This is nice and all, but will this support ever be able to provide any actual assistance? The only help they have ever been able to give us is how to craft an appeal which we already know. They still have no contact or sway with the Seller Performance team who are the ones that are actually responsible for managing Account Health issues.


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I will add my experience to the above - the couple times I have spoken with this Seller Performance team on the phone it has been a ridiculously frustrating sub-par experience. 1) They only read from a script. 2) They had no ability to understand or add support on details of the situation outside of whatever documents from which they were reading. They simply re-quote the material like a broken record. 3) When asked specific questions about my situation they had no problem-solving ability. 4) It felt like they were simply checking off a list to prove they spoke with me. They added absolutely no value.


Doesn’t sound like it - sounds more like they are going to finish rolling it out to everyone this year. I know it’s not on my AH page either.


This is what I have been doing with the Call Now feature. When I start explaining my issue, I interrupt myself to say, “Please, if you are not able to handle this at your level, transfer me now”. Sometimes it works! Also, I don’t have the best hearing so if I am not able to understand a customer service rep, I ask to speak to someone else. That also has worked, and I usually end up speaking to a rep seemingly based in Seattle, and I can then understand better. Nothing against anyone; just my lousy hearing at 70!
Just to clarify, I see the Call Now under regular support/help also. It doesn’t say Call Now, but it is the same thing. They call within a minute.


100% coverage does not equal 100% professional support. Just sayin’.