Account Hacked - Bank Account Changed - Little Help?


Our business account was recently hacked. The person turned off notifications, added their bank account (exactly 3 days before disbursement) and then turned notifications back on so we would not notice.
We get paid weekly and my finance department did not notice the missing deposits until two disbursements were missing. Since then we have changed passwords, added two step verification and updated the banking information.
I have spoken with seller support multiple times and the last time they told me to give the disbursement ID and trace ID to our bank and see if they could track down the money. This seemed odd, but we tried and our bank issued a formal notice that they have nothing to do with the transfers and are unable to provide any information. They said that Amazon would have to reach out to their financial institution to request a recall of the transactions.
This hack has cost us A LOT of $$$ and it does not seem that anyone can/will help us. Our insurance lawyers have explained to us that if the breach was on our systems we would be covered, but a breach of Amazon’s systems should be covered by Amazon’s insurance.
Does anyone know what else I can do to recover the lost funds? I have read many posts that either end with an aggravated seller not getting their money back, or the thread goes to PMs and the end result is not revealed.


We are going through the same roller coaster ride with Amazon. Our account got hacked as we came back from Easter Break. Since then every single day I call the support team and I get only one answer, the fraud department is investigating and no one has any update. It seems many many sellers have been duped and Amazon had no way of knowing or stopping this theft. Their system did not have a way to verify anything , no red flags , nothing.

Please change all your passwords and put a two step verification on your account. Keep opening cases on your account and lets put the pressure on Amazon. I am just hoping you and I and everyone else who have been duped are paid immediately as we are small businesses.




I am working with a rep from seller central (Susan) who has been able to escalate our ticket and it appears she will be able to credit our account with the lost funds. VERY HAPPY!!!


I worked with James today. Same result. It does help for us all to apply pressure. I re-opened my case 17 times with 3 attachments documenting the conversation. I also contacted my SBA advocate, Jeff Bezos assistant via email and multiple social media sites. I truly believe we would not be where we are if it were not for all of us being squeaky wheels. How many others don’t even know it happened?

Crazy. Thanks to all of you who kept threads and cases going. Please let me know when you get your funds and I will do the same. they told me within 10 days and ours is a little over $5000.


Has anyone received their money back yet?


have you actually received the money refunded to you from this Accout Hacking case?
please keep us updated



Not yet. I received an email last week explaining that the request for the credit has been approved but not processed yet. I am hoping to receive it soon. I will post when I receive the credit.


Our payment has been processed! They have credited the two stolen payments to us with our current disbursements.



As of 12nd April 2017 I wrote several time AMAZON seller supporter about my hacked bank account.
04th June 2017 still i am waiting for AMAZON Account specialst’s response.
After my account have changed passwords, added two step verification and updated the banking information.

My last writing 04th June 2017 AMAZON seller supporter stated that theri account specialst will response within 24 hours

Still wait 20.06.2017



Do you happen to have Susan’s contact information?

#11 I think… I get the impression that she is overwhelmed with requests for help. As I have read through the forums though, it appears she is the only person who can actually help sellers.

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