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My seller central has been deactivated. The reason for this deactivation was ORDER DEFECT RATE. Please someone tell me how i can reactivate my account. I submit appeal to amazon three times but they didnot replied me. [Moderator Edit: Jim_Amazon removed personal email address]

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Account deactivation
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Amazon appeal
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@twins_mall1 Did you submit an appeal or POA? Could you post the appeal that you submitted? Most likely, it does not meet the requirements of Amazon.

You must submit a POA that includes Root Cause, Corrective and Preventive Measures.

Your Root Cause should logically explain why your ODR is over 1%. Once you have a correct Root Cause, start preparing Corrective and Preventive Measures. Corrective and Preventive Measures should cover your Root Cause. Only if you have adequate POA will you be able to succeed.

If you need more help with your issue or POA, please, let me know in private messages.


Can you send me a massege in private so that i send you my amazon appeal and you can tell me whether my appeal is correct or not.


Why wouldn’t you post it here and get opinions from more than 1 person?


Why don’t you post your PoA here so you ca get opinions?

The Forum is not a service where you are offered one on one consultations.


My account was deactivated due to the section 3 code of conduct. I have submitted a two-time appeal but it’s not activated. Got a message that the required information is not provided. How to know what information have to provide them? please guide


you need to create your own thread. post your deactivation notice there for help.


Help With Suspensions by Oneida Books

Video for Effective PoA by Amazon Help Files

Basic Listing of How to Formulate a PoA by @SELLC


We need to see a copy of the original deactivation notice, (section 3) does not give us enough info, section 3 covers various violations.

Post a copy of your POA as well.


I Appealed to amazon about 4 times but they always said that you have not provide enough information to reactivate your account. Please someone help me to resolve this issue.
Here is my appeal.

Dear Seller Performance Team,
We understand that you have deactivated our Amazon Seller account in accordance with Section 3
of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement.
Following are the details relating to the exact timeline and root cause of the issue to substantiate our
Root cause of the issue:
ď‚· Increased Shipment times
ď‚· Undelivered products
We acknowledge the problem was on our end due to communication and coordination problems of
our staff with courier service which increased our shipment times and undelivered orders to our
buyers. Subsequently, the buyers raised A-to-z guarantee claims.
Steps to resolve buyer issues:
We have issued full refunds to buyers that complained of undelivered products. Below are the order

  1. Order ID: 112-1566612-1187428 dated 18-Jul-2022
  2. Order ID: 114-3321182-8381817 dated 24-Jul-2022
  3. Order ID: 113-5082470-7245845 dated 25-Jul-2022
    Evidence of our actions:
  4. Further inspection into our orders and account activities will reveal that the concerned
    customers have been fully refunded.
    Plan of action to prevent such an issue from ever happening again:
  5. We will now hold a monthly review of Amazon’s Business Solution Agreements and keep a
    track of the changes made to existing policies to ensure we operate as a 100% compliant
    Amazon selling partner
  6. We have assigned a dedicated resource under direct supervision to coordinate with courier
    service to ensure we fulfill orders within the stated timeframe and bring down our negative
    customer experience rate.

We would like to reassure you of our commitment to adhere to Amazon’s seller policies going
forward. Kindly let us know if there is anything else we can do to prevent such issues from taking
place in the future.
We understand that selling on Amazon is a privilege and would greatly appreciate it if you would
consider overturning the account deactivation.
Best Regards,
Twins Mall

This is a terrible PoA. It provides no resolution that Amazon can use. You need to reestablish the trust that you have lost with Amazon by providing a new business plan that will resolve your issues. Having a meeting once a month will not do this. Nor did you provide a solution with your delivery service.