Account deactivated , im only few minutes after registering


So here is the deal . I registered here as individual , coz i want to sell one thing . I did everything that been asked for , everything is set up . After i sent my Credit card info , pasport , Tax id and so on . The system told that in 1-2 business days thay are going to contact with me to verify . No one contact me . After 2 days i sign in to amazon , i make verification proceedures and somehow i enter into my seller account . And the first thing that i see is that i am being charged -48 $ . And the charge will happen on June 13 . Then im like , whaa ?!?! Then i follow the instructions from the “Help” and I downgrade my account to Individual . (as i was telling before , i was registering as individual , Not Pro ) . AAnd now I get a message "We are reviewing your seller account. During our review, you will not be able to sell on " . Guys , i was here literally 5 minutes . Where is the support chat , what the … ? I just wanted to sell some cookies and this happened


New seller reviews are standard procedure on Amazon. If you can’t wait until the review is completed, which may take a while due to high volume, your best bet would be to sell elsewhere.

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