Account changes to Default Transit Times for Standard Shipping


I am not happy about this. I send quite a bit of items media mail and I like the 4-14 business day shipping. Now, that apparently has to change.

Dear Seller,

We are launching new capabilities to help you set faster delivery times for your Seller fulfilled products. Customers are more likely to purchase products that have a faster estimated delivery time at checkout. Products with a faster delivery date are also more likely to win the Buy Box on Amazon.

This email focuses on capabilities related to the transit time (also known as shipping time) for your products. We will send you separate updates on how to improve the handling time component of your order.

New default transit times for US Sellers: Starting August 31th, the default transit times for Standard Shipping will be updated to reflect the transit times shown in the chart below. Amazon will automatically update transit times for all existing shipping templates according to the transit times specified in the table below. If your existing transit time settings are faster, there will be no changes made to your account.

Default transit times for domestic shipments

Media Items	Non-Media Items

Destination Current Transit Time New Transit
Time Current Transit
Time New Transit
Lower 48 4-14 days 4-8 days 3-5 days No change
Hawaii, Alaska,
Puerto Rico 4-14 days 7-14 days 4-8 days No change
US Protectorates,
APO/FPO 14-28 days No change 14-28 days No changeAll times are in business days


Does anyone have a link to this on Amazon?

Are we having our transit time options cut back?


I cannot really read the chart. Does that say no charge for non-media?

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