Account at risk because USPS


Can I please have an @Moderator_Amazon help me with this?

I received an alert yesterday that my account is at risk of deactivaton. My defect score is at 2.3% however, it only counts me as having shipped out 43 orders in the last 60 days. I have shipped 120.

Also, the reason my score is so low is because of a bad review. My only review. She gave me 2 stars and would not change her review even after being refunded. Her package was damaged by USPS. This reflects so poorly on my business and my request to remove it was denied.

I found this on the account health page:

My selling account’s performance against a metric or a policy on the Account Health page is off- target, but the Account Health page does not tell me that my account is at risk of deactivation, or is deactivated. Why is that?

We take into consideration order volume when calculating your account health.

For example, if you have only 10 orders and one of them has a defect, your ODR will be 10%. While that is technically over our target of 1%, it doesn’t necessarily reflect an actual problem with your performance given the low number of orders.

So why am I at risk???


Being at risk is just a warning. It will go away - as long as everything else stays healthy.


Reminder. As the seller, you are responsible to make sure the package gets to the customer in one piece. You selected USPS. They were a contractor for you.

Also, this is just a warning. You will not be suspended for a warning. Keep doing everything right and you will be fine. No need for a moderator to step in. Honestly nothing they can do, metrics can not be changed.


I don’t think Amazon is miscounting your orders.
It sounds like there must be some additional problems.
Can you share a screenshot of your health page?

Feedback and reviews are different things. Feedbacks are taken for ODR, not reviews

1 order will not take your account down because Amazon understands that is not representative.


Everything else is perfect. I don’t get it.

Also, what is ODR?


Your account is perfect! You will NOT be suspended for one single feedback, or even a feedback and one other issue


I cannot say if Amazon is or is not miscounting your orders but I know with ours, they are off. Right now they state under our performance metrics from Jun 5, 2022 - Aug 3, 2022 that we have 4,491 orders but when I pull up those dates we had 5,208 orders. This is orders and not items sold since customers sometimes purchase multiple items together. So they have us short 717 orders. It has always been like this and yes, if you are selling less and are short, that difference matters. So I can understand the concern of those who have 120 orders as you need all of those to count.

As for the item arriving damaged, I understand your concern and it would be great if all customers contacted us first to allow us a chance to help, but with damage, Amazon looks at that as you may not have packaged it well. Now you may have packaged it great, but many shippers (Like Amazon themselves) not not include any packaging and if an item is damaged, in those cases, it would be on the seller/shipper. So I get your frustration but if it is damaged and a buyer leaves feedback, Amazon will not remove it. Refunding the buyer and reaching out to them helps, but even then, they may not remove it and you’re stuck with that. Just reply to the feedback with any information you have, letting others know what you did to help. It will not help your metrics, but it helps explain your side.

I would take the advice of Jes on this and just try not to worry as it will go away and do your best to address any other issues with orders and customers. With Amazon, you can do everything right and still get hit. It’s just how it is.


Anyway, ODR is a metric that calculates your chargebacks, AZ claims and negative feedback over a rolling period of 60 days
If your ODR is above 1% you’re in trouble.
Read about it here
and here

Basically, right now you’re fine. Nothing to worry about.

Over the last 60 days you have 88 total orders between FBM and FBA.

This is the part that can be confusing. Your Late Shipment Rate (LSR) shows 99 order over 30 days, and your Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) say 37 orders on the last 30 days. So these numbers can be a bit frustrating.

So first of all, VTR and LSR only measure seller fulfilled orders.
ODR is currently measuring the period Jun 5 to Aug 3
LSR is measuring July 20 to Aug 18
VTR is measuring (likely) July 10 to Aug 8

LSR is measured to today, because orders that you ship today need to have been shipped
VTR is measuring 10 days ago, because it needs to ensure that the orders were shipped and delivered with a valid tracking rate


Hello @Raqueen_Bee,

This is Antonio here with Amazon. I will be happy to assist you.

There are good points in this thread. The alert that you have received is a warning letting you know that there is an issue with your order defect rate metric. We recommend that you look at your negative feedback, how to respond to A-to-Z claims , and chargebacks. Then, make a plan to get back on track. I also will advise you to review the order defect rate, policy and continue reviewing your account help page daily.

Damaged item complaints could be a result of insufficient packaging . I would evaluate the quality control process before shipping an item. How do you package your products? What packing materials have you used? Have you contacted USPS to understand the issue?

As some of the other Sellers here have mentioned, just because your account is displaying the at-risk banner, it doesn’t mean that it will be deactivated. The banner is there to call the order defect rate to your attention. I know some things are out of your control, but try to do your best to avoid any other defects. Your account should be fine if you don’t receive any other A to Z claims, chargebacks, or negative feedback.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.