Accidentally Responded to a Return Request by clicking "Close Request"


Hello folks. I sold an item 29 days ago. Sure enough, TODAY - the buyer has decided to initiate a return request citing “NO LONGER NEEDED” on a piece of expensive music electronics. I accidentally clicked “CLOSE REQUEST” thinking that would deny the return. It didn’t.

Now it shows the return request under the “COMPLETED” and as the Resolution: StandardRefund. Not only did I not approve the return, but the buyer has not actually returned the item.

I contacted seller support and sure enough some half wit replied stating “we suggest you to deny the refund and close the return request.” — Meanwhile I have no way of doing that. So in typical Amazon fashion, they presented a solution that is not possible.

If anyone knows what I should/must do next or how to actually speak to a US Based Amazon Rep, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for your time/help.


Since this was an in policy return request , by closing the request you authorized the refund without return .

                             per Amazon policy

Close the return request if you plan to provide a refund without requiring the product’s return

Since you closed the return request the buyer is no longer is obligated to return the item . You can try sending the buyer a prepaid return label .

Good luck


Thanks. Dealing with Amazon is a nightmare. This was their REPLY actually, nowhere did they mention this:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I can understand that the Buyer didn’t return the item and they raised return for 30 days item. I will assist you with this.

Firstly I would like to inform you that, if you feel that the buyer is violating the Amazon’s policies, you can report the buyers from your end, to help you with this and less your hassle, I have attached the link to report the violation, please find the link below :

All reports are thoroughly investigated by our investigations team. For privacy reasons, the results of our investigations cannot be disclosed; however, disciplinary actions will be taken as appropriate.

In this case, if the buyer returns the item then we suggest you to issue refund based on the item condition once you have received it.

Else, we suggest you to deny the refund and close the return request.

Also, I can assure that Amazon will not process the refund to the Buyer for this order.

In case, if the buyer filed an A to Z claim, you can directly appeal and provide your justification within 3 calendar days. They will review and help you to defend the claim.

In case, if buyer posts any feedback, please do not worry, we are on your side. All feedback removal requests should be sent to Amazon by choosing the following option from the Contact Us form within the Help section of your seller account: Contact Us > Orders > Customer Feedback Problems or you can also use this case ID # 6934433321 as a reference.

To help us continually improve, we ask that you take a moment to complete our survey below to tell us about your experience with this specific interaction.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


Actually, closing the request does serve my purpose it seems:


When did the buyer buy it . If after March 1st it is returnable until May 31st .


Which part of closing the request serves your purpose ?