Accessing The Locked Handmade Community Update


Hello, I just signed in and was accepted, May I please have access to the Forum and directions to how to list my paintings on Handmade.

Thank you


Hello everybody…

The God Amazon Seller Support re-activated my account…!!! Hallelujah!!! :roll_eyes:
Feel like Xmas time is here LOL
Now…more questions are raising…
Should I request (once again) @DonovanSellerSupport to join the blocked H@A?

Also the US/CA/MX part of my Seller Central is only “Professional” (???), not “Handmade” like the rest of my Seller Central (FR and UK).
So, I dropped an email to seller-handmade-registration to know how to be registered as Handmade Seller for US marketplaces. No news yet (due to local time I guess).
If somebody here knows the procedure, I will appreciate your input.

Many thanks (from a windy cold day in Normandy)


Did you have access before? If you did you should still have it…it not, yes, contact @DonovanSellerSupport.

That seems to indicate to me that you do not have a .com Handmade account…only as you say a “professional” account. Did you apply for a .com Handmade account? Having a FR & UK Handmade account does not automatically give you a .com Handmade account you have to apply. (Just as I would have to apply for a Handmade account to sell Handmade in the UK.)


Thanks so much Otispotus for your input.

Just got email from seller-handmade-registration…

They was not able to “found the Application approved for the Europe Handmade request, with the email address,please send us instead a screenshot of the email with the message that you were Approved to be Handmade on Europe.”
(Wanted to verify my email address I used for FR and UK.)…
I sent 6 emails showing the registration process (and codes) as requested.
One hour later I was approved. wow!

As they said >>
“you don’t have to re-do all the process to be Handmade in North America, you already were approved we just need the proof to add Handmade in this new account. As after that we will also refund the fee for the professional monthly subscription.”

That is what they did. I can see ze refund coming up and I was able to complete my “artisan profile”.

yeah…1am here…too late to add “product” to see if everything is ok.
Tomorrow is another day…right?
Cya ltr…
Thanks again Otispotus for being there… I appreciate!


That’s great news…(and good info to have).

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Is there any PDF instructions for Amazon Handmade?
Listing with bullet points for each line

I was approved for Handmade about two weeks ago. I just completed Seller Central’s verification process though. I would like to get into the Handmade forum please. Thanks!


I have been a Handmade seller since Handmade launched in 2015. I was a member of the locked Handmade forum, but your link doesn’t work for me. Please add me to the locked Handmade forum. Thsnk you!


Try that link — I’m just another Handmade seller, and cooy/pasted it so :crossed_fingers:


Hi, I am a handmade seller and cannot get into the locked forum.



It worked! Thank you!


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I do not think I have access from that link. Thanks!

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Please add me to the handmade forum. Thanks.


Please add me to the forum?


I would like to have access to the handmade forums. I am an approved seller, but can not access the link provided. Thank you!

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I have been a handmade seller for 2 years. I get “access denied” when I try to get to the private handmade seller forum. Please add me to the forum.


I would like to have access to the handmade forums. but can not access the link provided. Thank you!


I think you already posted about this


@OSTAR_HOME has a problem I’ve seen often — accepted by Handmade, yet their forum profile doesn’t show that affinity.


I’m having same problem.