Access to MWS API is denied


I have the same issue here. Please share the solution if the problem is solved.


It has been 30 days since I submitted my re-application for my Developer ID to get it reactivated and I haven’t received a reply yet. :frowning:


I have had the same horrible experience. I revisited my Seller Central account after a couple of years only to find my Developer ID was deactivated. Neither the Help pages nor Amazon support told me where to find a link or button to re-apply. Somehow I found this page,

I have not received any confirmation that Amazon received the application, and I too will wait the 30 or more days.

This seems ridiculous because I was able to create a new Seller Central account, that came with an active Developer ID.


You’re not supposed to create a second seller account without permission. Did you get it? If not, I would write now and tell them what is going on.

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Just wanted to give an update… A few months later, but still no access. I have filled in the vetting forms that David was kind enough to provide a link to, I didn’t hear anything for many days…

But then I got an email, and they had questions about why I was requesting access to personally identifiable information and how I planned to use that data… I assume this information is the same that I get right now for fulfilling orders, being able to contact the customers, etc, and they referred to “my application” as if I was a developer trying to create an app that others would be able to access as well.

I explained that I was planning on using data to automate and customize my own business operations, as a professional seller on AMZ and that any personally identifiable information was going to be used to fulfill orders or to allow us to positively enhance the customers’ experience. Any identification of a particular customer, if we needed to remember the customer would be a hash that would be compared against future orders and we would not store personally identifying information in clear text. It would be on an internal server, not accessible on the internet, and used just for my own selling.

I wait another handful of days, today I get an email,


Please provide a website URL for your application.

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Amazon Seller Support

I still don’t have access to MWS. So I haven’t managed to successfully connect to MWS to begin my development of such an application, and as I already explained, it wouldn’t be publicly accessible… so there is no URL for me to hand out to Amazon.

So for others in the same spot as me, I don’t think we’re going to find a secret trick to make this all work. I think we just have to keep on going back and forth with the developer vetting team until we find intelligent life.


If your Developer ID is not approved for Personal Identifiable Information (PII), then many fields will return as empty strings instead of the real data. For example, name, all billing address fields, all shipping address fields, phone number, email, etc. Amazon attached a PDF to their message on my case listing exactly which fields would return as an empty string if I didn’t provide justification for needing the information. I provided the details of the justification and I am again waiting for a response.

In my case it is an on-premise ERP system with a shipping module. Shipping can’t be done without the PII.

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Well, after more than 2.5 months, I finally have my access keys “reactivated”.

It started off without me even realizing that they were deactivated. The status at the beginning of the year was not showing on the access key page. As people noted in these forums, they started showing it and others and myself saw “deactivated”. In my case, it may have been because I requested the keys years ago, and didn’t immediately make use of them. They can be deactivated if calls to the API aren’t being made for a period of a month or longer.

No magic tricks made this work or got me quickly to a resolution. I just had to persist and “bump” my case to point out I needed attention to the matter. After about three weeks or so, I finally noted that case was being handled by (this email is not read, so don’t email directly).

I received the information and .xlsx spreadsheet to fill out regarding access to PII. That wasn’t my initial concern. I wasn’t able to access any APIs. If you don’t have access to PII, then the fields simply come back blank (as David explained above), but I simply getting access denied when trying to make any API calls.

They said a person from their developer vetting team was going to reach out to me about my use of PII, and they said I could access the APIs but that the PII would be blank.

I replied to them and reminded them that my keys were still deactivated. Within a day or so, I did see that my keys were Active again. Woo hoo.

I’m not impressed with the whole experience. Two and a half months… just to get my keys reactivated so I can make calls to access my own seller data.

All I can say is persist and keep on poking them when you don’t get an answer within a day or so. Squeaky wheel and all that.


Can you access PII data now?


Can you access PII data now?

In the scratchpad, I do see PII on order queries, so it looks promising.


Were you contacted by a person from their vetting team, or, is this still pending?


Were you contacted by a person from their vetting team, or, is this still pending?

I was still expecting to hear from them again, but I may have addressed their needs in the back and forth of answering questions. For some reason, I was thinking that I was going to be contacted by phone to discuss, but that hasn’t happened. That may have been a misunderstanding on my part.

Anyway, I tend to be somewhat busy running my selling business, and development time for me is somewhat limited to about 8 hours a week or as time permits me to put effort into it. I’m just glad to finally have access to calling ANY of the API’s and getting results.


Did you fill out the xlsx spreadsheet they sent? If not, what did you tell them to make them reactivate MWS keys for you?
Thank you!


I finally decided that I didn’t need the PII and told them to just leave me enabled and give me the blank fields where the PII goes.


Yep that’s what we went with also.

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