Access denied when creates a subscription for MFN_ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE notification type



I got an access denied error when I call Selling Partner API to create a subscription for MFN_ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE notification type.

I already created a destination successfully.

I tried both grantless and authorized LWA access token but it doesn’t work.

In developer central, my app has the following permissions:

  • Selling Partner Insights
  • Pricing
  • Direct-to-Customer Shipping
  • Inventory and Order Tracking
  • Product Listing

The request id is 73fb40d5-3d13-452e-8077-1911e4fc5abf and the response is
“errors”: [
“message”: “Access to requested resource is denied.”,
“code”: “Unauthorized”,
“details”: “”

The API document here:

I wonder which permission I’m lacking and how to fix it.

Please help me, thanks everyone!


Merchant Fulfillment access requires PII access.


Thank you for reply,
Could you be more specific about how can I get PII access ? What permission I’m lacking for?

As I mentioned, my app already have Direct-to-Customer Shipping permission which is one of the permissions that required PII access.

My app used Selling Partner API to get order information (include order status, order items, shipping address, customer info).

Developer roles:

App roles:


Are you able to retrieve order information with PII? (Does the customer name and address show up as part of the results?)


Did you manage to solve this problem? Even without PPI, the order data, except PPI, should be available. I have an US selling account as well as an EU one. I managed to subscribe to MFN_ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE on the US selling account, but not on the EU one. I get the the same response:
‘message’: ‘Access to requested resource is denied.’, ‘code’: ‘Unauthorized’

Basically I need a notification when a sale occur to update inventory on my other selling channels.