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Hi Chris any knowledge why the search button is not available in A-to-z Guarantee claims?


It would be helpful as well to add search button in chargeback. It will be convenient for us sellers to pinpoint those orders rather than scrolling them from page to page. And most of the time chargeback pages wont get pass on the page it will turn out blank. What’s going on?


Logged in today and noticed a message saying we are at risk of deactivation.

We noticed an unusual high ODR today of 2.08%. Checking the metric we see that we have
1 order defect out of 48 total orders in the past 60 days. This is not true. The metric has a miscalculation: our total orders for the past 60 days are 4109 orders. Therefore the metric should be showing an ODR of 0.02%.

After Amazon resumed suspending accounts the metric is only calculating orders from June 1st… This is not fair because it decreased our total number of orders by a huge amount and increased the ODR percentage. The reason for the huge drop in orders is because we went back to shipping to FBA again, now that FBA is open. But the metric doesn’t account FBA orders.

Even if we account for all our order defects for the past 60 days (before June 1st) we are way under 1%. Amazon paused the suspensions to protect seller accounts during COVID, but instead this is hurting everyone as all accounts are going to be treated as new accounts when the metric only accounts orders starting June 1st. This is going to hurt accounts that went back to FBA because the FBA ODR is separate and they are shifting orders from FBM to FBA.

Please review this policy. Total orders should be accounted for the past 60 days. Or no suspensions should be made until you have 60 days worth of data.


Our order defect rate is high based on a defect rate of 2/120 orders. However both of these defects were negative feedbacks that were removed a week ago. Why are these still showing on our order defect rate? Anyone else having the same issue?


YUP…the fun begins. I am documenting(printing a hard copy) both the ODR rate showing incorrect total orders for the time period posted and also printing the Sales Dashboard showing the accurate total amount of orders for the same period. Even though this probably won’t matter when a “BOT” does it’s own figures and calculations. Ex. wrong numbers are 1 of 124 (.81%)… when actually 1299 orders for the same period.


Same thing happening with our account. In past 60 days we have 2000 fulfilled orders but account health is showing 2/174 orders in ODR. One of these 2 orders is an A-Z Guarantee claim which is pending review. We have no idea what’s going on and who is controlling these metrics.