About leather belt & FBA


Hello everyone, I have a question about leather belts products. I am manufacturer, and I want start selling on Amazon through FBA service, but I have some questions:

  1. Do leather belts must have suffocation warning bags?
  2. In my case, leather products, how do I know which GTIN/UPC is fit for my products category?
  3. I read that I need barcode to put on a single product, but I didn’t understand which barcode is it. Also, is that something I need to do, or the delivery company can do it for me?
    Thank you for your answers.

  1. Yes, you would want the belt to have some protection in the warehouse so it will need to be bagged or boxed.
  2. If you manufactur and sell belts it would need a GTIN/UPC or an exemption on Amazon.
  3. To be sent into FBA, there must be a barcode on the product.
  4. There must be a UPC or FNSKU barcode on the product before it arrives at FBA.


Thank you for the quick answer, and I have 1 more question please. There are any changes like barcode temrs, or shipping, if I put all the products (around 150 pieces) inside 5 boxes for example?