About applying for Amazon MWS developer ID has been waiting for processing


We submitted the application for Amazon MWS Developer ID on March 6, 2019 has been more than a month since, according to customer feedback, the Case has not been assigned to anyone. I hope to handle the case as soon as possible. At the same time, in order to get the developer account as soon as possible, in addition to waiting, what else can we do?


My case to get my Developer ID reactivated was opened on Feb 21. I got my first response after 34 days, which was a request for more information, and I provided the additional information. I got a second response which was a request to fill out a second more details application, which I submitted today. I got a third response today notifying me a Solutions Architect team member will be reaching out to me for next steps. My Developer ID remains deactivated.

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle | Portland | Los Angeles


I haven’t even received a reply yet?


Who can help me contact MWS review team?
T2 Developer Applying for MWS Credentials
Thank you


@Joy-JUN @davidonelson

Did you guys ever get a response? I’m ticked and I’ve only been waiting 8 days. This is ridiculous.


Yes. They asked me more questions recently and I am working on my response.