ABH Parma Debacle


They can delist the listing, its the email to the customers without verifying who manufactured the supplement


amazon has records of where each batch of supplement was manufactured.
Even if a manufacturer used ABH for an item, amazon should verify if that item is being sold on thier site.


exactly this is what im saying. we has sellers are running a business too with employees and operations cost… I am 100% with amazon to remove the listings but the refunds, mass emails to customers causing negative feedback are hurting our business and customer trust. especially when you know your products were not manufactured by the recall company smh


Shouldn’t Amazon send customers an e-mail to let them know that they purchased an item that is now on an FDA recall list?

I’m sympathetic to your situations, but if your brands are incorrectly on the FDA list, then your problems are with the FDA.

As long as your brands are on the FDA list, I doubt that there is anything you can do to convince Amazon that they are okay. Maybe if you can get a letter directly from the FDA saying that your brand is on the list by mistake?


IMO Amazon has taken normal and prudent action for a product the FDA has recalled.

If your product is on the list, it is a recalled product.

I suspect you contact your lawyers since it is likely that any incorrect information provided to the FDA came from ABH Parma, and they may be responsible.


They have named companies,not supplements.
One company could source from my different manufactures.
I called the attorney representing ABH yesterday, waiting for a call back


Planning for recalls is part of being in the supplements, vitamins and related businesses. Food also.

Sounds like you had not.


Did you ever receive a call from ABH legal? Can I have their # please?



You as a seller should not be calling ABH. You need to wait and get a lawyer. You have been financially impacted. You will want a lawyer handling communications.


@FuzzyCat1 it is against forum rules to post a phone number on this very, very public forum.


Thanks for letting me know… gone…


Yes, all the products they manufactured we’re recalled for FDA GMP violations. This includes all items from 2013! A ton of brands and millions of supplements were impacted, even some major brands! They seemed like a sketchy company to us from the start not sure how anyone could order from them. We never did.


I guess the FDA removed the brand list because it is no longer accessible. The list might have included some brands by mistake or what not.


There is such thing as recall insurance.

On another note, once a brand ends up on an FDA warning or recall list, the brand will be toast. If it is ever allowed back on Amazon, it will be sand boxed and reviews will be blocked for the brand. Sales will continue from repeat customers for a bit, bit it will die a slow death.


It’s possible that ABH had to provide their customer lists to Amazon as some sort of settlement and your name was there because you asked for a quote. That is just a guess.

The only thing I can suggest is to appeal and explain that your very limited association with ABH was simply an RFQ and you never ordered anything from them and never sold any of their products.

Also, it’s possible that your supplier got their inventory from ABH and simply relabeled them to sell to you. Amazon probably knows which companies did that. If your supplier is one of those then just abandon the product, the listing, and dispose of your inventory in a safe, responsible way. Good luck asking for your money back if your supplier is in China.


Best thing to do is if you have an llc is to file bankruptcy and restart under a new llc. Good luck. Once they consumers find out the lawsuits will begin .


Whoever reported my post with a link to the list of brands is a nerd.


Have you gotten your listings back yet? Mine have been down for 8.5 days now.

None of my stock is from ABH either.


This is FREAKING CRAZY. I requested a quote and samples from ABH but never produced or sold any of their products because I noticed a quality discrepancy. I somehow ended up on their email list and Amazon is pulling my entire catalog. Like my hydration drink which ABH isn’t even capable of manufacturing. We are seeing thousands of refunds being processed everyday and this will end our business.

Amazon needs to take accountability and actually LOOK INTO which SKUs were produced by ABH by inspecting the label lots and matching it against their UPC codes or looking into the shipping information from their manufacturer.

This recall might be the end of my business and will put me millions of dollars in debt if my top sellers are taken down for “Recall”. @Chris_Amazon @SEAMOD My family, my livelihood and I are begging you to look into my situation + others affected by this and rectify this immediately. We are not guilty and will not go down with a fight.

Here’s what we know so far:

  1. Over a period of 3 days, all products were taken offline one by one with no notice or verification
  2. Every previous buyer (going back 3 years) that has purchased our products were emailed and told that the product were being recalled and offered a refund
  3. Refunds are being charged back to accounts, even for purchases 3 years ago that have clearly been consumed
  4. Amazon is requesting removal of all affected inventory

Amazon - You Just Lost Both of Us Millions (ABH RECALL)

I am really sorry to hear about the charge backs, that sounds crazy!
Have you tried calling the FDA? or ABH? I think the more documentation you give Amazon, the better