A-Z claim - incorrect reason - twice!


NO I did not use Amz shipping. I appealed the first case and lost - I would assume a human being would look at the case when its appealed…


A person should, but there is no guarantee.
What did you write in your defense?

By the way, you cannot win a SAFE-T claim on an AtoZ decision.


Is there a different way to appeal an appeal?


I don’t think so. You get 1 appeal and that is it.


E-mail the executive team: jeff@amazon.com


Thanks seems a little dramatic for a small case - but it is bothering me that Amazon enables this kind of buyer behavior. I wonder what these buyers will do the next time they dont feel like returning or paying for an item… :thinking:


Losing money, and taking unnecessary metric hits, is never small IMO.


Listen to @JwsMarket, he has explained which policy to refer to in defense.

Were your response(s) short and concise with no emotion? Did you make sure not to denigrate, or insult the customer?

@NYC_FACTORY, You do need to brush up on Holiday returns and returns in general. The Window for returns begins from date of delivery not of order and is extended during the Holiday season.


There are ways you can protect yourself, the first being to use Amazon’s buy shipping. I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but it is a big help in reducing this kind of nonsense.


The extended Holiday return period is based on shipped date not delivery date.

The Amazon Extended Holiday Return Policy requires that orders shipped between November 1 and December 31 be returnable through January 31 of the following year.


We delivered October 30th… USPS 9405511699000953841937


Yes I simply added the dates of events with factual info and prior communication in quotes. No emotions whatsoever.


That is likely very true and I fully get that “insurance policy” on INR cases. In other matters such as these there should be proper seller protection in place.


Many thanks for your input!


Unless the ship to was a PO Box, I have no ideas other than that return season is in full swing and the A-Z department has to be crazy. Which doesn’t really help you and is a terrible reason.

Sorry, hope you can sort it out.


For all the talk about your method of handling your returns, some of which is valid, the issue here is that the customer filed a claim for INR, and you had no acceptable way of proving that wasn’t the case. You will always lose this kind of AtoZ claim, and you will always have to appeal it to get reimbursed.

The customer said they got it in the comments. This can help you if you can get a person to read the comments, but bots don’t. For such a claim, your appeal should be just that:

This claim was filed for Item Not Received. In the customer comments for this claim as well as in the messages sent by the customer, they clearly state that they got the item. Please deny this claim for INR as the customer admits they got the item.

Even with an appeal like this, you still stand a 50/50 chance of having your appeal denied because you can’t prove the item was delivered.


It was shipped to a regular address.


This is exactly what I did. It is completely hopeless if there are no human beings taking a minute to process these cases… at the very least in the appeal stages. The comment field is a part of the A-Z for a reason and if they do not consider it the system is very flawed. Especially when I clearly referred to it in both my A-Z response and in my appeal.


Appeals are usually read by people, but these people might not be native English speakers and they have to read through probably hundreds of these per day, and they likely don’t always read everything they should.

It is not foolproof, but using Amazon’s shipping has drastically cut down on INR issues for us, including INR related AtoZ claims. If you can use it without having to completely overhaul your shipping methods or going broke, I suggest it as a time and stress saving measure, if nothing else.

Sorry there is nothing we can do to help you with this current claim though.


Yeah it seems like the system simply failed me this time. I appreciate all the useful help and input from you and all others today!