A-Z claim - incorrect reason - twice!


We recently received two a-z claims. The buyers used the wrong code to open the claim “Package didnt arrive” and in the notes adding that the order was received but did not fit. In either case there was no return request started.
Both customers communicated to us via Amazon support and we wrote them back to start a return and print out a return label - and gave instructions. We never got any reply from the customers . The first a-z was granted without the buyer returning anything to us - or even attempted to start a return.

Why would Amazon grant the buyer an A-Z under these circumstances … and wow can we handle these when there is not even a return request (which we also auto accept)?? Any advice would be much appreciated.


You can push the buyer to open return requests but really any message that states they want to return, you should provide a return label or at least an address.


Thanks for your input - is there a clear policy on this anywhere? Seems strange that the customer can open an A-Z and get away with it - when…

  1. They open the claim with the incorrect reason and…
  2. There was no return started.

The most recent A-Z was for an order placed in October and outside of the return window. I messaged the customer that I would accept the return but she would have to start a return from her end first.

I feel that Amazon is enabling fraud by letting this happen.


Why would you send them to start a return request? An order from October that is outside of the window really should just be denied.


Did you answer all of the messages within 48 hours? Amazon now auto-grants all AZ’s opened on any orders in which the seller did not answer a message within 48 hours.


My recent A-Z Claim

I had where customer first contacted me asking about his refund . Never had a return opened or item received from this buyer. I messaged buyer back for more info and he did not respond.

2 weeks later he opened an A-Z Claim " package didn’t arrive " with Customer comments: “Order was received, but was the wrong item”. I responded with everything I had and stated customer needed to return for refund & stated all the facts I had.

What I noticed in the online dashboard " Manage A-Z Claims " the seller response doesn’t ask for the info the email does.

From the A-z Claim e-mail :

Please provide the information listed below:
– Return address
– Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number (if applicable)
– Phone number (if needed by the carrier)
– Other information relevant to the return (e.g. tracking information for a replacement item if agreed with the buyer)

I also have Auto-returns and very rarely deal with A-Z Claims . Amazon closed the claim in my favor stating customer had to return.

Not sure why Amazon wouldn’t direct the buyer to just open a return request.


True but I wanted to avoid any potential issues knowing how the buyers tend to get their way… as you can see I was slapped with an A-Z either way.


Yes I replied within a couple of hours both times.


Looks like you did everything right. I would appeal these, stating policy: item should be returned for a refund to be issued.

Also, since they both used the wrong return reason, maybe that was the only (or best) option available? For the older order, discretionary reasons might no longer be offered as options?


Exactly - this should be a requirement. At this time there is zero way to prevent these a-z’s. Both of these are clearly lying and getting away with it. We always auto authorize and the customer can print out prepaid labels. I can take an occasional nonsense A-Z but two of these in the last week is crazy.


Did you use Amazon’s shipping?

AtoZ claims are increasingly being first scanned by bots to weed out any claims Amazon thinks it can decide without getting people involved. This includes cases where the buyer claims Item Not Received and the seller did not use Amazon’s shipping or signature confirmation. The bots do not, as far as I am aware, read the comments. If the buyer filed a claim for INR and you did not use Amazon shipping, the bot could decide it against you automatically even though the buyer says they got it. If you appeal this case, you should have some luck.


That is where you made your error. The message that they sent you should have been taken as a Return request.

This is what we send,
We understand that your garment is to XXXX, and you would like to return it.

The below are the directions on how to do a RA request within your orders.

  1. Go to your Amazon orders page.
  2. Each order will be in a box.
  3. Click the Return items button on the right side.
  4. Click the checkmark next to each product you want to return.
  5. On the right-side of the products you want to return, select a reason for return from the drop-down menu. In your case the reason would be: Return Reason: XXXX

You may do the above, or you may consider this message as your Return Request with the RA# and it will take the place of that.

Please use the below address for your return information with RA# .

That way you’re covered should they take it to an A-Z, as you’ve given them your return information.

The A-Z being placed outside of the return window doesn’t matter, what would matter is when they requested to be able to send the item back.

Now, as for defending the A-Z claim all you can do is try. But I believe the issue is that you didn’t send them return information when they contacted you directly.

Order Received XXXX
Order Shipped XXXX
Customer contacted us on XXXX in which we responded in giving them directions as to how to open a return request.

Please deny this request as we have not received this item back to us as of yet.
Once we receive this we will refund in accordance to Amazon Guidelines
~Good Luck


The first case appeal was denied and I emailed SAFE-T to appeal the appeal… did not hear back yet.

Yes they both used the wrong reason – likely because there is no (and should not be an) option to open an A-Z to start a return…


NO I did not use Amz shipping. I appealed the first case and lost - I would assume a human being would look at the case when its appealed…


A person should, but there is no guarantee.
What did you write in your defense?

By the way, you cannot win a SAFE-T claim on an AtoZ decision.


Is there a different way to appeal an appeal?


I don’t think so. You get 1 appeal and that is it.


E-mail the executive team: jeff@amazon.com


Thanks seems a little dramatic for a small case - but it is bothering me that Amazon enables this kind of buyer behavior. I wonder what these buyers will do the next time they dont feel like returning or paying for an item… :thinking:


Losing money, and taking unnecessary metric hits, is never small IMO.