A-Z claim decision made without representation? How to appeal


About a month ago, we received a cancellation request for an order, however, we could not cancel the order as the order was already shipped and delivered by our supplier.

We never heard from the buyer again, however, an A-Z claim decision was made against us yesterday.

  • I never had a chance to represent myself and the only option is to appeal

  • “Customer” comments: Order was never received. The customer contacted the seller and if you will check the tracking information, It was delivered on a different state.

  • Upon checking the tracking information, the state is indeed correct

How is this even possible when the only message I got from the buyer was to cancel the order? This A-Z case was clearly submitted by an Amazon CSR and quickly decided upon (by the same guy?).

Why was I not given a chance to represent myself?

I will be appealing, but I have reached out to the buyer to obtain more information.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


It was probably glanced at and refunded. I’ve noticed a lot of threads that are similar to this and I’m thinking it’s CSRs that aren’t being thorough with their job.


Was shipping bought thru Az buy shipping or did you get a signature? If not you lose for inr


Unfortunately, this is the new way how Amazon is now handling the majority of A-Z claims.

The policy help page was also edited to exclude the wording about a seller having 3 days to represent their case and replaced it with:

If we determine that additional information is required during a claim investigation, we will contact you via email, and you must respond within three calendar days.”


The only thing you can do once you lost is appeal through the A-Z claim form by clicking on the “Appeal” button and submitting a representation, which can be based on the example templates included in my A-Z claim guide thread:

A detailed guide about A-to-z Claims.


Sadly, there was no signature confirmation, so I’ll probably lose my appeal :frowning:


Always, always, always, always, always (repeat) get delivery confirmation if you are already paying for tracking. At the very least, even if Amazon won’t side with you, you will have something to present to the authorities. I am not sure how it is treated in the US, but in Canada, the RCMP take mail fraud very seriously, and customers who have tried INR scams on me in cases where I have delivery confirmation back off quickly once they are informed of that.


Sure the mounties have all the time in the world to help you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You didn’t answer the other part of that question… Was shipping bought through Amazon?


No, I do not :frowning: