A-Z Claim, Customer claimed that TV was damaged during shipping, sent back


Please let me know if I did everything right and what my chances are with this. This is my first A-Z claim!

Customer purchased item, she received it. States TV was damaged during shipping and even wrote that my packaging was fantastic and no damage was to be seen on the box. She claims the corner was hit during shipping? Please take a look at what I wrote to amazon in regards to the claim with pictures hosted on a website to get an idea of what happened. The TV was definitely dropped by the customer while she was trying to hang it.

Any help here would be so much appreciated.

I apologize about the long paragraph, I don’t know what happened to spacing and Tabs, just copied over from the case.

On July 21st an order was placed for the TV, the TV was delivered on July 24th and signed by the recipient. On July 24th at 2:11 PM the customer sent us a message stating that the TV was packaged well and that even though it was packaged properly the TV was damaged during shipping. We responded to the customer apologizing for this and offered to refund the customer the full amount in addition to the return shipping costs. Even though the customer purchased shipping for $74. The television was shipped to the customer in 5 layers of bubble wrap, foam corners, and a FedEx approved box. The TV was received by us on 7/29/2014. It was repackaged and the original packaging was not included. Within 15 minutes of receiving the package the customer demanded a refund. I explained that we didn’t open the package yet and the Technician will take a look and verify serial numbers before we issued a refund. My technician opened the packaging and determined that the cause of damage was not due to shipping. There were scrapes on the corner of the television and a dent with a split. This is consistent with the television being dropped. Furthermore, the plastics and tags have been removed from the television also providing adequate proof that the television was prepped to be hung on a wall. These scrapes and the dent is consistent with the TV being dropped on a hard surface without any bubble wrapping or box protecting it. We have concluded that the TV was dropped during an attempt to hang the television on a wall. As can be seen in the photo’s provided by me to the customer in a message dated 7/29/2014 at 11:08 A.M. If the television were to be damaged during shipping, which happens more often than any seller would like. The TV screen would have cracked from impact, but no such marks of scrapes or dents would be evident as it would be impossible for the TV to hit a hard surface to actually scratch inside of 5 layers of bubble wrap, foam corners and a FedEx shipping box. The Corner of the TV was hit so hard that it has actually split. This is just simply impossible with foam corners protecting the unit. We have taken over a dozen photographs and we can send them to you at your request.
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Here are hosted images: Image 1: http://postimg.org/image/fxkkhuunx/ Image 2: http://postimg.org/image/e1xs6p5tp/ Image 3: http://postimg.org/image/ddoxnr73x/ Image 4: http://postimg.org/image/clqv2asal/ Image 5: http://postimg.org/image/p2xipgngd/ Image 6: http://postimg.org/image/k5jy4clh9/ Image 7: http://postimg.org/image/pjnbpn0l9/ – Image 7 shows Television plugged in and turned on Image 8: http://postimg.org/image/kotmrd29p/ I can upload more images that we have taken before sending the TV back to the customer if necessary. Thank You for your time reviewing this case.
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 The TV was sent back as a refused package via the tracking number that the customer provided us with. FedEx: 448135010088499 To further plead our decision, we would also like to note that the customer stated the TV was properly packaged and that the packaging was not damaged. If the packaging wasn’t damaged then how would the TV sustain so much damage? When we received the unit, the customer changed their story and stated that the TV was improperly packaged. Thank you for your time reviewing this case, and I am confident that Amazon will make the right decision.

What are my chances here? With all that has been said about A-Z I’m extremely nervous and restless.


She said she got a damaged product and because of that you have no recourse. I don’t want to scare you but you’ll have to fully refund her including shipping.
You can try to open a claim with FedEx but there’s nothing else you can do.

You also sent it back to her…refused shipping. You have to accept returns 14 days for most electronics up to 30 days from the date of deliver for any reason. You can’t deny a return. You can charge a restocking fee but you have to accept returns.
Now you’ll probably be out of funds and the TV …that she might repair.
I don’t want to be you after the laptop you lost last month ($1k+ value). I firmly believe Ebay is a better venue to sell expensive electronics compared to Amazon.

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I’m new here on Amazon, but I’ve been selling online for 10 years.

When a customer claims that an item was received broken, I immediately file a claim through the carrier.

If I know 100% I sent a working item, and they receive it broken, my conclusion is that something happened between me and them – and I file a claim through the company that handled the shipping and delivery.


Yikes! I’m not sure anyone has any odds to give you. You’ve provided all the information possible- now it is just a waiting game. Good luck. Also, please follow up with Amazon’s answer. We’d all be very interested to see how this plays out.


Her version of the events sounds dubious. You have written everything clearly and concisely. The issue I can see is that you have offered her a refund already. Because you now have the TV back Amazon may make you come good on your statement of a refund despite the item being damaged.

You have done everything right but your answer to what really happened is a theory. Proving that theory will be near impossible as you do not really know what happened. Amazon may take this approach. It can be hard to say.

Due to the customer saying the item has been damaged in transit will it not be best to claim from the Fed Ex as you have all the email evidence from her?

It sounds that you are between a rock and a hard place. I hope you get it resolved.


Can you believe this?

Greetings from Amazon.com.

We have finished our investigation of the A-to-z Guarantee claim:

Order: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Claim filed on: July 29, 2014

Item: Sony KDL-32W650A 32-Inch 60Hz 1080p Internet LED HDTV (Black) (2013 Model)
Quantity: 1

The buyer’s claim was granted. Our investigations team concluded that you are responsible for this claim and your account was debited to reimburse the buyer.

Best Regards,
Amazon.com A-to-z Guarantee Program



Sadly I can believe it.
Welcome to the world of A to Z claims. Your response sounded completely plausible, but Amazon really doesn’t require much proof, if any, from the customer to side with them. They most likely also frowned upon you having refused the return and sending it back to the customer. You have to accept a return for any reason within 30 days from the delivery date and the time to claim defective for electronics is 14 days from delivery.
I’m sorry this happened to you and unfortunately it something you may want to be prepared for in the future.


I’m sorry but there is nothing you can do. Amazon is not doing forensics and they are not going to study the pics you sent just to figure out how deep the crack is or how it got there .The rule is you always accept returns and if the buyer claims item damaged you fully refund. Take it up to the carrier and you MIGHT get reimbursed but I doubt it. FEDEX is very stingy about claims…just my experience. Again, Amazon might not be the best venue for selling expensive electronics.

I’m really sorry for your problems…last month the laptop and now this…


sorry this happeend

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file a claim with the carrier


First appeal the case
Second send your file to Jeff Bezos
Third you are only required to refund 50% if the item is returned in a condition different than sent

I had a similar experience. I sent pics. Amazon almost always grants claims no matter how fraudulent. It’s really sad and unfair to the small business owner.

Good luck. I hope you get this resolved.




Thanks for the kind words and help, but this thread is so old. I don’t know why it’s alive again!

The resolution was: she won the case, I lost the tv and my defect rate went to a whopping .1% lol.

It’s ok. I just moved on and don’t sell electronics here anymore. Stick to sporting goods, hardware, tools and accessories. Different clients and less scams!


My friend. This is our second time selling on Amazon. We suffered an az claim with our first account which led us to leave Amazon. Amazon grants ALL az claims for buyers regardless of your side or evidence. As a backup, we photograph and videotape all of our items during shipping to prevent fraud and protect us. This is proof to show condition of all items. So my friend. File a FedEx claim and get your money back. FedEx will cover you. Next time I suggest telling your buyer that they must sign for it and let them know you have pics of the item. I had a recent buyer buy a expensive game over $50 and once they signed for it that day, claimed the disc was cracked in half and demanded brand new one. I told them that I have video of the shipment and item, authorized the return and never heard from the buyer again.

Furthermore I would suggest to your buyers to get a squaretrade warranty on their purchases of electronic items. Hence this buyer could of got it repaired or got cash.

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It does not look like anybody said this yet, but here goes… It’s a cost of doing business. You’ll have loss like this from time to time. I had 2 returns like this in the past 3 months. I sold two game consoles, and customers claimed that it arrived damaged. From close inspection, I knew that it was not damaged during shipping. I knew that customers dropped it, but I accepted the return and issued refund. Amazon would do the same if it is their sales, and they expect you to do the same. You can reason and argue with the customer all you want, but if the customer files A-Z, Amazon will rule in their favor, especially if it is within 30 days. I also notice that customers who bluntly lied like this are familiar with Amazon buyer protection system. They will use it if you do not cooperate. If you are not a high-volume seller, your primary concern now is not the refund amount considering that it is $74. The A-Z will hit your metrics hard.


I know this is an old thread and this case is long over. But no one gave the correct answer that I can see.

The first thing that the seller should have done is to buy insurance on this type of item. We don’t buy insurance on everything. But we do buy insurance on fragile items or items that have a potential delivery issue. Insurance protects the seller.

When a buyer claims the item was damaged in shipping, seller should immediately have asked for pictures of the item, carton and contents, and then tell them the buyer following:

  1. Retain all of the original packaging and contents. The carrier will want to inspect it.

  2. File a claim with the carrier. (You can file the claim or they can file the claim–It really doesn’t matter who does it. Some carriers want the shipper to file the claim and other carriers want the receiver to file the claim) Seller should assist in filing the claim if possible.

  3. The carrier will investigate and they will either pay or deny the claim. Sometimes all they need are the pictures. Sometimes they will want the original package and contents.

  4. Also let the customer know that if they paid with certain credit cards that it may be possible that their credit card will reimburse them for the accidental damage. Many credit cards, (Discover, Amex, Master Card, Visa) have an automatic 90 day insurance policy in place that will cover any accidental damage or theft. However that policy sometimes does not cover damage during shipping. But in this case the coverage would apply if the TV was dropped during installation. Most people do not even know about the coverage. To find out if you have this type of coverage the cardholder can call the number on the back of the credit card.

If you have done all of the above, then when and if the A-Z claim comes you can explain your position and let the A-Z team know that an insurance claim has been filed.

That will increase your chances of a favorable A-Z result on the seller side. It also brings a neutral third party into the case that will determine if the shipping damage claim is valid. If the shipping damage claim is denied, then it is more likely that the A-Z claim would also be denied.


So you opened the package. You investigated the TV thoroughly. Then you closed it and sent it back refused using the same Fedex tracking number.

I I was with you until I read that.

OOPPS. Very old thread.

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