A-to-z Claims Process for Property Damage and Personal Injury INSURANCE REQUIRED


do foreign sellers have access to the Amazon-approved insurance providers/program?

do these plans ONLY protect against Amazon claims?


I think the Truth is, Amazon expects insurance for all sellers, but, they only require you to provide proof with Amazon as a named additional insured when you reach a certain sales level. And they have not been consistent in enforcing these rules.

Contact them to find out. No one here is likely to know since it is going to depend on which foreign country you are in and it will depend on the insurer and policy they offer as to what they cover and what it will cost.


I too am glad Amazon will enforce its insurance requirements. We have been paying for insurance since day 1 as well, our policy comes in around $9k a year. This will help to root out the less professional sellers and scammers while hopefully raising the bar of selling on Amazon.


the insurance is only being offered to USA and Chinese sellers at this time…just found a post about that.


Definitely agree with that. But I do fear Amazon making decisions on whether a claim should be paid out.

Is this the standard? That the accused must prove they didn’t do it, rather than the accuser proving they did?


That’s another strange thing, they didn’t want them named on the policy so I think your idea of them asking for that only at a certain level would be correct. A new account at the time wouldn’t be required to name Amazon.


Is this a broad requirement on ALL Sellers, or is it by product category? Thanks



They also do not cover any business that manufactures items or imports private labeled items from overseas. We had State Farm for decades until they “NON RENEWED US”.


So we pay a lot for insurance as we are a manufacturer. These requirement from Amazon are the real deal. Here is the MAJOR PROBLEM…

I filled out the Insurance Accelerator on Amazon to see where the rates come in. They beat our rate by a few thousand dollars. They have been emailing us almost daily since then. So I called Hiscox the carrier Amazon matched us with. Well guess what??? I called and they told me they do not insure products. Really? Then what is Amazon doing pointing us to an expensive 5 figure policy that does not cover what they need covered. I then asked… “What about our inventory? Is that covered”. I was told this is OPTIONAL and they offer up to 25,000 of inventory or business equipment insurance. We have printers here that cost more than 50k and the inventory number, let’s just say it is big.

In short please be very careful about what you buy. The information Amazon provides when quoting in their Insurance Accelerator is sparse at best. What is covered? WHO KNOWS AS IT IS NOT FULLY SPELLED OUT! :frowning:


So, we were looking into getting special product liability coverage using the Amazon recommended providers [our parent company has general liability but we wanted to have this Amazon specific].

However, every single one of the providers Amazon recommended said they won’t cover if a) you import products and b) if you sell food.

? Umm, how many Amazon sellers does that eliminate? Like 95% of sellers by volume.

So what’s with, these are the providers we recommend?


:grimacing: I’m guessing that the Amazon Partner Network team didn’t dig too deeply into what Sellers might actually need out of business liability insurance providers, before submitting the list to the site managers to publish or before making the announcement.


Boy, you’re a good guesser!



Interestingly I’m on the computer a lot - NEXT insurance --one of their recommended people is heavily advertising probably on Google ads…

It’s all in the contractual details , it’s like a mortgage or any other thing you need to read the fine print, whatever the person explaining tells you is meaningless…

Very complicated business , that’s why I no longer do it…


And, how much of that mfg equipment comes in contact with your Amazon customers?


:fire::fire: SALE :fire::fire:


Those sellers aren’t moving $10K/month.
They will always be bothersome to the rest of us.

This insurance requirement, simply makes it EASIER for these unprofessional sellers to compete, since they don’t need it.


We’ve had liability insurance since we started our business 13 years ago. However, we chose one of Amazon’s recommended brokers for this liability insurance because our insurance provider doesn’t have global handling capabilities:

“3 Your insurance provider must have global claim handling capability and a financial rating of S&P A- and/or AM Best A- or better (if S&P or AM best is not valid or used in the country where you are required to obtain insurance, a local equivalent is allowed);”

The policy to satisfy Amazon’s specifications was very inexpensive.


as for my experience these past few days, its always best to discuss these things with an agent in person, so far those over the phone i felt like they were ripping me off cus of these technical words. in person they would actually explain these things with you. well they might still be ripping you off but atleast you now know what it is ! LOL

I ended up with pegasus and they cover everything amazon requires and i checked with a lawyer(friend) that says its all good .

P.S. be patient in looking for one dont just go for whatever insurance provider amazon provides. they quote you $700 for stuff that others can give at a lower premium with even better coverage

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