A to Z claims no longer being closed? Cases remain open for months


My A2Z from March was just closed a few minutes ago, in my favor. Looks like it’s at a 4mo turnaround time. :rofl:


Was it an INR where you used Amazon buy shipping?



This is all done for the purpose of cost cutting. Here’s the reasoning: “How can we save more money? Well, we can stop supporting our sellers who try to communicate their case to us. And what’s the best way to do that? Well, first let’s just plug the holes where they can communicate to us. So, make that email that we used to support deprecated and let’s just ignore emails sent to it (seller-guarantee@amazon.com) Now, how can we make them really give up? Well, let’s create a firewall - anytime we get a message from a seller in a seller support case who is trying to add more information to their case make seller support send them an email that you’ve forwarded it to the “concerned party” and have seller support forward it to an unsupported department where the emails just get ignored. Oh, right - the whole customer thing - well, if they try to suport their case through buyer-seller messaging they’ll get negatives for that and that should suppress a substantial amount of sellers seeking support. Good job, team.”


Not this one, the customer didn’t return item but opened an A2Z complaining about having to pay for return shipping and a restocking fee on his buyer remorse return request. He still hasn’t returned the item.


I am having the same dilemma here and cannot get amazon seller claim nor the support personnel to respond and provide any reasonable information that is relevant to the latest bogus claim. The latter has been opened for a couple of months and amazon talks about an ongoing investigation. I cannot get anyone to respond to the Information I had provided and believe me when I say that I did so on multiple occasions. has anyone had any luck getting anyone at amazon to respond here lately. it seems they can never have their seller’s back any longer.


I’m getting ready to tell the two customers that have been waiting more than two months to file a credit card claim to get their money back. This is ridiculous.


Can you explain this? I haven’t been forced, told or even requested to do this.


I have one with an Amazon decision dated today. Seller funded. Here is my appeal:

Will I win or lose the appeal?



Amazon has forced sellers to send… unnecessary… messages to buyers with anything you are trying to communicate to the A-to-Z rep and include any and all pictures that you want added as part of the “review” process.


Can you explain this? I haven’t been forced, told or even requested to do this.

A-Z reps look at communications between buyer/seller.
You do not have the ability to send pictures/images to A-Z reps in defense against a claim.

You CAN, however send those same picture/images to whiner/complainer… er we mean buyer… who filed the A-Z case against you-

It would seem prudent to send, along with those pictures/images the argument against the A-Z case so that the two don’t easily get dis-jointed in an A-Z reps mind…

You are not going to receive an invitation.


Ahhh, I just post the picture to a online host and include the link in my response.


A-Z claims being decided against Amazon Policies are a classic…
It is an open and shut appeal with an apology for any reasonable person, but anything can happen in the Amazon jungle…
Good luck to you! :sweat_smile:


Nail, meet sledgehammer.


Laughing out loud, hard :joy:

Mantra for selling on Amazon:
“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.” –Bill Cosby



I’m “out of likes” for today (it has long appeared that the FMT may not favor my admittedly-profligate nature in using those), but I do second your sage response, my friend!


Want to know how this got really insidious, folks?

Check your order in payment reports.

I’m finding that many of the Granted/ Amazon funded AtoZs reflect that the refund withdrawn from my account was NOT credited back to me.

When I create cases pointing out that the AtoZ is “Amazon funded” and that I have not been credited back I’m getting boilerplate responses like, “The examiner’s decision is final.” It makes no sense, other than Amazon is going to gaslight this and we’re not going to get reimbursed.


I have found this as well! I have called and never end up getting refunded.


It’s a multi-million dollar scam.


Have another A-Z claim that was opened today on my ever growing list of claims that are never getting closed

Reason: Different from what I ordered

Comments: “Return issue ( cx already return the product however he didn’t received the refund)”

Message from Customer in early July “I sent the razor back in a box with 2 bras I ordered and did not realize I should have sent each item back separately. Amazon is trying to locate the razor to send back to me so I can send it to you.”

A return request was never opened for the item. We never received anything and by reading the above it seems like they just shipped it back to Amazon when we MFN’d the order.

Shout out to the rep that dinged my metrics by opening this up.


It seems that Amazon are slowly processing the AZ claims now. Four of five the INR claims had been refunded by Amazon and only one is under review.


So how do you appeal an AtoZ that Amazon failed to close, yet Amazon improperly found in the buyers favor and debited the seller?