A to Z claims HELP?


I need some advice. I have lost 2 A to Z claims in the last month. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I will outline the scenario below:

1-9-2020 2:04 am The customer reached out to us for a return label reason for return inaccurate website description

1-9-2020 7:52 am (Scent Fill) We provided a pre-paid return label to the customer via Amazon’s messaging system with the following message:
We received your return request and can help you with this. We have provided a prepaid return shipping label for a return and refund or exchange for something of similar value for another scent you may like better. Can you give us an idea of what you like so we can recommend some replacement scents?
Check out our full list of scents here:


Just affix the label to the package - if you can reuse the original package please do. It is imperative that you completely tighten the cap(s) to avoid leakage and package delivery failure, no items with missing caps will be accepted and should not be mailed and *use protective packing materials to avoid breakage in transit. Your replacement refills or refund will be processed immediately upon receipt of your return.

Please let us know how you wish to proceed, will this be an exchange or a return for a refund?

Scent Fill Customer Service Team

No further response received from the customer

1-12-2020 5:00 pm We received A to Z claim from Amazon

1-13-20020 8:00 am We appeal A to Z with the following verbiage:

1-9-2020 2:04 am The customer reached out to us for a return label
1-9-2020 7:52 am Scent fill provided a pre-paid return label to the customer

No further communication has been received from the customer. We do not feel this is an A to Z claim but a standard return for a refund. We will provide a refund as soon as we receive the product from the customer.

We received a response to our appeal that says:

We reviewed the details for this claim and found that you did not respond to the buyer’s return request before the claim was filed. To help Sellers avoid any potential or unnecessary A-to-z Guarantee claims, we ensure that Buyers first contact you and wait for 48 hours for a response prior to being eligible to file a claim. You are required to provide a response to this contact.

Almost the same exact scenario both times…we always provide a pre-paid label within 12 hours (usually less but never more than 12 hours) of any return request. We always use the same format for my A to Z claim appeals and have never had a problem until the last 2. Is there a way to have these re-reviewed, as we clearly did respond to the customer. I’m at my wit’s end.


Did the buyer open a return request? If so did you input the required information in the return request or did you just send the label via messaging. These two things are not the same.

Stop wasting your time asking this. There are no exchanges on Amazon. There are returns for refund and new orders.


Not sure what you mean, this is what we always do:
1-9-2020 2:04 am The customer reached out to us for a return label reason for return inaccurate website description

1-9-2020 7:52 am We provided a pre-paid return label to the customer via Amazon’s messaging system with the message listed above

And we have had several customers do exchanges with no issues. This is why we always ask. We sell air fresheners, sometimes they just don’t like the particular scent they chose.


Yes the customer opened a return request, we replied via messaging system with a pre-paid label and message stated above.


Our return requests are normally auto-approved and Amazon provides the return label. For the rare Hazmat ones, you upload a return label and provide the tracking id. I assume this is how it would work for you. This would be done under https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/returns


Apparently you took too long to respond to the buyer and auto-lost the A-Z claim or Amazon goofed up. Amazon comes up with creative ways to give our products to their customers for free. You may want to review the following:


Reminder: You have a responsibility to respond to customer messages and return requests within 48 hours.

What is changing?

  1. In the event that a customer files a claim and you have not provided a response to the customer’s contact, we will grant the claim and debit your account.
  2. We no longer require that you ‘Respond to Amazon,’ when a claim is filed. Our team will review it using the information provided by both you and the customer leading up to that point to make a decision.

If you did respond in time, then appeal the decision and note you did respond to the buyer in time and provided the buyer with a label.


If they open a return request via amazon, you go to the returns section and authorize the return and enter in the details. This action is different than the messaging system. What if the customer does not receive emails from sellers as they can opt out? Your mistake was sending the label via amazon messaging and not doing it through the return request screen officially.


But I could be wrong here


If you see by the timeline below we responded to the customers initial request for return with a prep paid label in 5 hours and 56 minutes. That is well within the 48 hours you are quoting.


This is info I did not know. I have been contacting them via messaging and providing the label and been doing this for over a year…with no issues…wining all my A to Z claims…I will be doing it this way from this place from now on…thank you!!!


Thank you…this is what I needed…I did not know this at all. I have been doing all returns via messaging for a over a year…with no problems winning all my a to z claims…I will do all my returns from the returns section from now on …Thank you!!!


I did…and lost both appeals


You said the buyer reached out to you. I assumed it was a message the buyer sent or Amazon sent on their behalf.

Was an official return request opened or was it just a message? Sellers can’t open return requests for the buyer, to upload a label through the returns screen, though Amazon can.


Go to the seller university and look for returns. Read and watch that stuff as it does give some pointers as redundant as it is.


You are most welcome!