A to Z Claim Granted in Less Than 16 Hours?!


When I left last night at 430 there were no A to Z claims, when I came in this morning at 830 one had been opened and granted before I could even look into it! AND on top of that, the customer called Amazon customer service and instead of instructing them to contact us they helped her file a claim! For background, they wanted to return, it was not authorized because us lowly sellers haven’t been allowed to authorize our own returns for months now but Amazon decided that this one we needed to authorize and I had no idea. If I had been given the opportunity to see the A to Z claim and dig into it, I would have been able to figure this out and work with the customer to get the order returned and refunded. Now I’m out money, the customer gets to keep the product and this will affect our rating. Any ideas on how to handle this one? Or do I just have to cut my losses and keep an eye out for returns I need to authorize in the future?

Also, I would just like to point out how ridiculous it is that I just had claims from APRIL closed within the past month and this one gets closed in less than 16 hour.


So just to be clear this is about a return. Did the buyer open a return request that you did not respond to? Yes, “most” are auto-authorized but some are not and need the seller to manually do something.


Yep, totally my fault in that regard. And I would have absolutely issued a refund. Just annoyed that I wasn’t given the opportunity to look into before the claim was granted.


You had 48 hours to look into the return request.

If the buyer has any issue with the product you sent them and it is inside the return window (30 days), you must authorize the return within 48 hours. If you do not and the buyer complains to Amazon, Amazon will issue a full refund and let the buyer keep the product. The seller also gets a metrics hit.