A to Z Claim due to restocking fees Advice needed Thank you


Sold item and item was returned. We charged a restocking fee less than the 20% percent we are allowed and refunded the rest on February 12th. Well Buyer received partial refund and wanted her entire amount. On the return request authorization we clearly state the restockings fee so all of of our buyers are made aware before requesting the return. Well on the 15th she opened an A to Z Claim and the Claim was closed with out issuing any other refund to the buyer as “Ordered Refunded” and email was sent to us saying that it was closed but however it will count against our metrics because we refunded after the A to Z was filed “In this case, although you refunded the customer, you did so after the claim was submitted.” Let me recap. Refunded on the 12th. Claim opened on the 15th. Case closed as Ordered Refunded when it should have been closed as denied to not affect our metrics and they said they did it like that because we refunded after A to Z was opened. Please, let me know what can I do to make this right? How can I appeal this so they can close it appropriately? This is outrageous! Thanks in Advance.


Let me add that there is no button option to appeal the claim and I was not asked for any information when the decision was made. Simply the case was opened and I was advice via email that no information was requested from me. Read guidelines which said that if there is no button option to simply reply to the email that I received with final decision which I did but it is just an automated email so I opened a case and I have no idea what to do after that. For right now I just have to wait for response to case but do not expect too much of an action as usual. Anyone can give any other advice? My metrics were perfect so far and would like to keep them like that since you already know everything in Amazon is done with algorithms and anything can disrupt your sales.


There is nothing you can do. “Order Refunded” is a commonly used claim status in cases like this and Amazon will not adjust your metrics to remove the defect.


It’s too late for you now. I have had occasional success in begging Amazon to close the claim rather than marking it refunded, but you have to do it in the A-z claim response. They won’t make any change to this now.

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The past in advance?
Bots don’t live in real time. It was obviously refunded after the claim.
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The Bots must have a screw loose in their tinfoil hats.

Okay, my advice is to call Amazon and talk to a real live human.


The sale was not successful, the restocking fee was below 20% why? Also restocking fee is one of the buyer dissatisfaction reasons now in the feedback poll. Maybe Amazon found reasons for the buyer despite the backward dates on the decision. The new transparency maybe less transparent on the surface.

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