A to z claim because customer doesn't own a printer


You’ll get some sellers stating to have a pickup done and “possibly” withhold the return shipping charges this creates.
I am assuming you approved the return request in the appropriate time frame AND provided a pre-paid return label. If so, then here is my advice: state this in your A-Z response and that a refund will be issued once the return is received. You have done your part, it’s up to the buyer to do their part.


Also note in the case, tell them you MAILED a return label as well.
Odd they can’t go to a friend or the library to print it.
Is this lady in Jamaica, Queens as we had a similar A-to-Z claim.


This. For bonus effectiveness, use bullet points:

  • Return approved per Amazon policy
  • Prepaid shipping label supplied per Amazon policy
  • Return NOT yet mailed or received
  • Refund will be issued upon receipt of item


Doesn’t matter, you don’t have to do that per policy and no reason to add junk that the CS rep doesn’t care about in the least.

One of our CS reps who was a little out of sorts one day responded to one of these types of things with “Well sounds like you shouldn’t be buying anything anywhere then” and we somehow heard nothing negative from Amazon and they closed the A to Z claim. (WOULD NOT RECOMMEND)


Note: We lost that A-to-Z claim even though we provided the link to start the return process.
We should have sent a label.
So, it depends on the mood of the guy/gal reviewing the claim at the time.

As we also once lost an A-to-Z because the buyer ran out of INK for their printer.
YEP, it’s true!


This is truest statement ever made on this forum ha


come on. really…
The customer can have a label mailed to them, it will be there within the next 2-3 business days. Unless things have changed recently, as a customer I was able to get UPS to come pick up a FBM product right at the front gate of my property.

I had ordered a small tool, and the description was wrong, so I chose to return. Even being an FBM product, Amazon offered to have UPS come by and pick up my return (For Free to me). I was also offered an option to have a label sent via USPS for 1 dollar and hand over package to USPS or leave package at mailbox… I chose UPS, much better… One of my only returns from hundreds of purchases yearly…

So there has to be an option, maybe customer does not know how Amazon works…


TOO FUNNY!!! This is a message we just received… & She’s from New York Too!

Details: The item has arrived, but it was not as expected. The customer is requesting to have a physical return label sent to her physical address because she don’t have any access to a printer or use the phone to return the item. Please research the issue and contact the customer.


it was auto approved by amazon so i have no idea how that works on her end. Im assuming she gets a link for a label. not sure. amazon did tell me I need to schedule pickup of her item since she doesnt drive. what is going on? there has to be a limit on what sellers have to do. its insane.


what are you going to do?


Did “Amazon” tell you to schedule a pickup, or did the customer tell Amazon to tell you? Big difference. A label was provided. You have done your part, you can represent all of this, and it’s up to the buyer to return the item now.


amazon told me to. do they want me to buy a plane ticket to new york to pick it up?


the customer contacted amazon and they contacted me. she initially contacted me and I told her to do a return request. print label and return to me. then she contacted amazon and amazon told me basically its my fault she doesnt have a printer or a car


my customer lives in Queens blvd new york. maybe she ordered from you too lol


Well it’s not an A-to-Z yet, so we’ll try this…

Dear Customer,
Please start the RETURN PROCESS to get a Pre-Paid Label here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/orc/returns/homepage.html/ref=orc_surl_ret_hp?fg=1

We UNDERSTAND that you do not have a printer, but once you finish the return process WE will be able to access that label and print it for you. We will then mail you the pre-paid return label.

Also note there are literally hundreds of internet cafe’s, library’s and other facilities in New York than can assist you in printing and email with a label.
Any additional questions please let us know.

Also please reply back when the return process has completed so we can immediately send out the label you generated.



I figured out to find the label but since she opened a claim, not sure if im supposed to message her or not? then again, if i mailed the label to her, how would she get it to UPS? she could maybe have it picked up? this is insane that I have to figure this out. amazon should have told her all of this.




this was an expensive piece of luggage. she wanted to send it back the same day she got it. the whole thing is bizarre. i will be so angry if shes allowed to keep it just because of her printer issues. what if amazon allowed this on all orders. I also know that the UPS will pack and label your return for free if a customer doesnt have a printer. she is just being lazy and wants everything done for her. I cant believe an a to z was even opened. i guess amazon just doesnt care about us sellers. if they did, they would have our back when these unreasonable requests come.


I’d be angry if it was “Seller Funded” but if anything it SHOULD be “Amazon Funded”.

Be great if we can check how many times they have pull this “no printer” thing off.

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