A seller wants to charge me to sanitize my return product


I purchased a roll of Ryon cords, they sent me the wrong color, I asked if I can return it and get the correct color and they approved the return but sent me this note! They wrote it in all caps too.
How in the world can they charge me for returning a product that they sent wrong in the first place now they want me to charge me to “clean” it?? Oh, and they want me to pay for shipping it back to them!


They can’t. This is not a discretionary return. You will win the A-Z and get all of your money back. That seller is a moron.

Also, wen you are leaving them negative feedback (Unless this is a competitor of yours), make sure to not talk about the product and only talk about the horrible service. This way, the feedback cannot be removed.


That’s what I was thinking, it wasn’t my fault at all, I could see if I had made the mistake then fine but they sent me the wrong color. I even looked at the invoice to see if it was my mistake and it was on their part. I’ve never done an A-Z so I’ll have to figure that one out. I did email them and they haven’t responded yet. I emailed them this morning. It is not my competitor. Thank you for responding! :slight_smile:


You do not need to communicate with the ignoramus any further. Just return, if you do not get a full refund, hit them with an A2Z.


Go to your orders page find the order and there will be a button to click to return

Choose wrong item sent. A prepaid label will be emailed to you by amazon at no cost to you since this is seller faulted

Like he said you don’t need to converse w the seller further. I wld take a pic before shipping in case you need proof of wrong color


Good Idea about taking pictures. I did click the return button and they authorized the return but with me paying for shipping it back and them deducting a “cleaning fee” >:(


Which then you initiate the A2Z and get that money refunded. There is nothing in the rules that I have seen for refunds that says a seller can charge a cleaning fee. What is this item anyhow?


I see “Amazon Decontamination Form” with instructions for returns in the future.

Just sayin…


At this point you could file an A-Z based entirely on the message, keep the product and get a refund. Then give them a well deserved 1-star feedback for their lousy service. Then order the correct color.


They are Ryon cords


Yes, I saw that in your post. What I meant is what are they and what are they for kind of thing. I had never heard of them nor had my husband.


They are used for things like tie backs for curtains and graduation tassels


:rofl: Spray the heck out of it with lysol :rofl:


bendztek… if I wanted things like that I would probably just ride my Vespa, easier to share a parking space-- down to Downtown LA, & there are nine million trim places… it’s generally sold in rolls, or by the Foot…

I think it comes in different diameters, + can have a very silky appearance… and I think it likes to Ravel… unless you either Seal the end with hot glue, or put a match / cigarette lighter - to it to melt it together…

Unfortunately – you’re probably not in a part of the country that has a garment district, with suppliers on every corner…


As a seller, you should be well versed in amazon policy and know this is going to be an easy win. Keeping the product and money is on your side. I honestly would like a seller to tell me that lol Id win the case hands down and then follow it up with a negative for them being a pain about amazon law lol but I feel like i may be a bit petty compared to some :rofl:


Perhaps are they spell Rayon? I know what they are and I can’t think of a thing that would ‘sanitize’ them enough to resell them without damage. I have some in my sewing room. I can’t think of anyway that they can be sanitized and still maintain their properties that make them appealing. Who would the seller resell them to?

@Vespa I would love the time, energy, and most of all money to go shopping where you are living, but I had my share of Southern CA as I grew up in San Bernardino many years ago.


Return it with a 1lb bag of sand and tell them to pound it.


Thank you all. The seller contacted me and since I am a returning customer they are going to send me the pre-paid label and refund the full price. :slight_smile: I’m glad I didn’t have to open an A-Z case :slight_smile: Thank you all for your suggestions :slight_smile:


because you are a returning customer…you mean because they are active in the forum and saw that is bs. Glad to know that if you dont frequent them, they wont give you the time of day.


Where is he getting the sanitizer? Looks like it’s all out of stock. lol