$50 in purchases required for me to comment on a review left for my product


I have an approved second seller account. This account is used exclusively as a seller account. I need to reply as the seller to a customer review on a product page, but seller support is telling me I have to make $50 in Amazon purchases in order to comment. Never mind the $XX,XXX+ that have been paid in seller fees with this account. Is there any way around this?


Nope, it’s an automated anti-spam and anti-manipulation bot.


Sweet. I’ll be right back after I spend $50 on a non-Prime buying account just so I can respond to reviews on my product.


No. Reviews or answering them requires 50$ in purchases on Amazon.




No. +Customer Reviews+ are just that. Only Amazon customers can post to that area of the page. Amazon defines that as someone who has spent at least $50 on the site.

Just as a personal aside, I think I would feel so lost as a seller if I didn’t also understand how things worked from the buyer side.



What is it you disagree with? It’s a fact: if you aren’t an Amazon customer, you can’t post to the Amazon customer review section.



Love you Barb, I do, but I have to disagree here. Seller support often coaches sellers to reply to reviews on the product page as the only method of communicating with a buyer if the order number is not known.


Seller support coaches sellers to engage their customers in the product review section. Here is an example from the chat I had related to this issue:

+You can post your message in comment section and informed this information to customer or if you can able to find the order ID. You can also contact the buyer via buyer seller messaging service.+

That said, I think I am confusing the “seller” tag and status when replying to the questions section with the status when making comments in the review section. Upon review of my other seller account, any comments on reviews are made using the name associated with the customer side of the account.


Barb never suggested that Seller Support didn’t tell you that.

I think a key point you might be missing is that many in Seller
Support couldn’t find their own butt in a snowstorm, even if
they used both hands. But they’ll still offer advice to you for
how to do that anyway.

I would take the advise of any one of the posters on this
thread, over SS advice, if the advice was in conflict.


Before there was the $50 minimum to post reviews or responses, unscrupulous sellers (especially Chinese sellers), opened dozens of buyer accounts to leave positive reviews for their own items as well as negative reviews for competitors. They also used the accounts for upvote/downvote campaigns.

The $50 threshold has drastically reduced that behavior, so it is a good thing for sellers such as yourself that follow policy…it levels the playing field somewhat by removing the unfair advantage those unscrupulous sellers had in the past.

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