20lbs box received by FBA - zero items closed


UPS tracking 1ZR700380336460396 weight: 20lb size: 21x 21x 15 in confirmed received by FBA.
Zero items closed. opened couple cases. All closed with answer “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed”.
What should I do? Please advise!


You’ll need to open a case and provide an invoice to prove what was in the box.


What do your reports show?


done. “Investigation Completed - shipment contents counted and confirmed”.


“minus” received inventory


Your shipment is not missing. Your items were “counted and confirmed”.


ZERO items are counted and confirmed in 20lbs box? New physics effect?


You cannot minus something not counted yet. How about you try looking at what I wrote. I even used pictures for some people.

I can try to explain it to you if you ask questions about what part you don’t understand, but I am not re-writing that whole post for you. Someone who has been around nearly a decade should have some idea how reports and ledgers work.



Yes, thank you for showing me what your reports don’t look like, and that you did not read/understand what I shared with you. Best of luck.



For me it doesn’t look like any thing just moving between warehouses - it is just not there. Am I wrong?


Yes. Please read the link provided again and look at the pictures and other links. Your stuff is in Amazon’s possession and you have proof they received it.


And what should I do with this prof? They received it but not selling?


All you can do is wait. They received your inventory on 25 Aug, and moved it somewhere else on Sep 2. You can file for lost inventory if you want but they will tell you to wait for 60 days , which is Nov 2. Can’t hurt to try.

If you tell them they lost the inbound shipment, it they will say “counted and confirmed” because on 25 august they counted and confirmed it.


Last advice. How to “file lost inventory” ( after November 2nd ) just open a simple “case”?


Yup that is all you can do. Reconcile, will just tell you counted and confirmed.


Keep us updates as i’ve posted about this and going back 5 months I never got anywhere. IF it’s “investigated” you won’t win from what i’ve seen. VTR is right that sometimes it will show up, but if it’s been a month or two you’re probably SOL. I’ve done a ton of research with this and 90% of the time they don’t find it and if it’s “investigation closed” you won’t get reimbursed. I’ve had a few “empty boxes” get delivered as well. I even sent the invoices as well and you’ll get back “seller support cannot reimburse if there was an investigation”. You’ll just keep getting the same answer from what we have seen and what you’ll find on the forums.


Just an update: open a new case on November 5. Case got closed with the same reply: “everything was count by hands - get lost with your issue…”

I withdrew all my items from FBA and closed the seller account. No more trust to this place. Good luck to everyone!