2 Product Authenticity Complaints - Appeal Accepted


We’ve received 2 Product Authenticity Complaints this summer and both appeals were accepted and noted in our account. Even though they’ve been successfully appealed, I’m concerned about our Account Health…especially since they remain on your account 180 days. Is there anything we can do to get these removed completely or do we simply have to wait it out?


Some sellers reported having them removed in the past … others not.

Maybe @Arthur_Amazon knows if they should be removed or just noted. Personally if you proved them to be authentic then I believe Amazon should remove them.


I agree with you…it makes sense for the complaints to be removed. If anyone has personal experience with a similar scenario, please share your story.


Hello, I’m facing the same problem, can you tell me how did you appeal, because I haven’t succeed yet.
I provided Amazon even with contracts and invoices, but they want more.


I compiled invoices from the past 365 days and sent them directly to seller performance by email. One or two invoices was not enough. I submitted 26 invoices for one product to get approved.


Hi @toj8791,

Arthur here to assist.

Above the product authenticity complaints section in your account health dashboard, it states:

"Below is a record of all listings associated with your account that have received product authenticity complaints, regardless of their current status. Please check your Performance Notifications for more detail."

This leads me to believe the complaints could be listed there for the full 180 days. At the same time, the “Next Steps” tab above the complaints only gives you the option to appeal.

If you have done so successfully, and have received a performance notification from us telling you so, there is no further action needed from you. If there are still ASIN’s showing in your account health dashboard, make sure to double check your latest emails and notifications so there aren’t any other action items we asked for that could have been overlooked.

Let me know if you have further questions.

I hope this helps,


Don’t worry about this, your dashboard includes the record of all complaints, including the ones which were already successfully appealed, but these will no longer affect your account.

I have never seen a single complaint disappear from my Account Health dashboard prior to the 180 days timeframe, even after I appealed them and had the listings reactivated…


Thank you for that information @AngelicPretty and @Arthur_Amazon


If they ever get it finished up … the new version of the Product Policy Compliance section/tab of the Account Health will show ‘Resolved’ for such. A welcomed change (along with many others)


Hello, may I ask you these questions?

  1. how often notice-dispute were replying to your questions? In my case it’s more than 1 week or they never answer.
  2. What product do you sell? We sell tactical stuff and buy by bulk, so we can’t provide them with 26 invoices.
    3)And for how long you had a dispute with them?

  1. how often notice-dispute were replying to your questions? 24-48 hours
  2. What product do you sell? Sporting Goods
    3)And for how long you had a dispute with them? 24-48 hours


What happens if you don’t “win the appeal”? I know the item says closed and you cannot sell it.
But then the complaint “drops” from your dashboard? Will it still affect your account? Or after 180 days it is “forgotten and forgiven”?


your account can be banned.