2 different supplier


Hi everyone , Brand new seller here . I have one product and ı want to sell but ı also want to add the same listing another product which one of ‘Amazon’s Frequently bought together’ . But The problem They are two different suppliers so how do we merge them together. Because ı want to sell them together.So the question
can ı make my both suppliers to ship to amazon seperately? or how? Who shoul take care of it?


You don’t just decide to have products show up there. If buyers do indeed end up frequently buying both, Amazon automatically puts them there. If buyers buy one and then more often buy a random product or even a competitor’s product more often, that is what will show up there.

It doesn’t matter if the suppliers or even the seller are different for each item.

If you mean you want to create a bundle of the 2 items, you will need to have a separate UPC code for the bundle and will have to ship them to Amazon already packaged together.


Thank you so much for your answer. I meant the second one if just want to sell in the same listing .But the problem it would be from 2 different chinese supplier.And they cant packing together because they are 2 different supplier . So who would merge them for me? can amazon do that? ı just want it to be sold in the same listing. Is that possible?


You are talking about Bundling. Please read everything you can on Bundling. Amazon has strict rules for it.


yes ı will research abaout bundling. I thing its something ı have to make one of my supplier merge them together and doing packing. and ı will need one upc code for my total unit . But should ı make my supplier to add upc barcode on each item?


Yes. That is correct. Manufacturer to bundle, package together, and supply it with a UPC code.