2 A-to-Z Claims, same crook customer


Had customer with 2 separate orders in November/December, returned both orders “didn’t approve purchase”

Items came back this week. Both items had been opened, used, missing pieces, one was even missing the packaging and just came back wrapped in a sandwich bag. Total dishonest buyer.

I don’t normally fight fraudulent returns for small matters, but currently have 0/2122 transactions, so I went to bat and figured I could survive even if I was slapped with A to Zs on both, so I withheld 50% on both refunds, reported buyer abuse on both of them via Seller Support “report a violation”.

Sure enough, Buyer just opened up A-to-Z claims on both of them. I replied to both claims (see one of them below) and referenced the Seller Support cases (which both have pictures attached to them showing the items as they were returned used/open/missing parts). Haven’t heard back yet on either…

This is second instance of return abuse by this buyer (see previous case ID zzzzz ). Customer for order zzz-zzzz incorrectly chose reason code “unauthorized purchase” for this order. Item was returned in USED condition. Item packaging is OPEN (bottom corner torn open, customer partially re-taped package, see item poking through hole she tore open) and is MISSING one item from the package (small zzzzz was not returned). Customer is using incorrect return code to avoid paying for return shipping label. incorrectly chose reason code “unauthorized purchase” for this order. Please see pictures attached to case IDxxxx. 50% Restocking fee was applied to return, as the item is materially different than when we sent it to her (it was open & missing pieces).

Anything else I should do to protect myself on these?

The interesting thing is that both packages had numbers written on them…one was like “74” and the other “46”…as if they had purchased TONS of stuff and ripped off a whole pile of sellers (which should help proving this easier)



Amazon will deny any safe-T claim when the seller refunds. Only cases where Amazon forced refunds are eligible for safe-T claims.


You are correct. I apologize for the erroneous advice.


Depending on how creative and persistent the buyer is, Amazon will eventually refund in full, they will fund it, you will keep your 50% restocking fee, however if A2Z is granted you will get dinged with defect.


Edit: nevermind, everything I said was covered, just forget I even strolled over here.


Yes, I understood the Safe-T was not for this, that the correct response should be to 1) refund 50% for used return, 2) report bad buyer, which I’ve done.

Just wondered if there’ anything else I should to to fight the AZs



Whenever we get scammed, we always reach out to the Amazon Executive team at jeff@amazon.com and request they offer a buyer ban option like eBay. As it stands now, the buyer that already scammed you twice can freely do it again since Amazon gives us no tools to protect your business.


The only other thing I would be sure to include in the A-Z replies is the link to the policy (policies) that support your actions; in this case, the 50% restock fee policy.


I could be wrong and I am sure someone will correct me if I am but you are allowed to impose a 50% restocking fee if an item is returned in used condition for reason code “didn’t approve purchase”. Amazon does not hold third party sellers responsible for unauthorized purchases like they do for “inaccurate website description” or “received damaged item”.

Therefore, your A to Z response would have been better if you simply said:

– Customer returned product in used condition and missing parts

– See attached pictures

– Customer returned items using returned code "didn’t approve purchase"

– Amazon policy allows up to a 50% restocking fee for items returned in used condition with the return code "didn’t approve purchase"

– Therefore, the 50% restocking fee we applied to this return is in accordance with Amazon policy

** Thank you**

Don’t write paragraph stories/explanations for A to Z Claims. Don’t get personal in your reply. You diminish your chance of winning. Keep it extremely simple and to the point. Use bullet points and construct the bullet points to build a succinct, solid, and logical bullet proof defense. You are basically quickly telling the person reading your A to Z Claim how and why they are going to decide in your favor :).


I feel your pain. Lots of bad buyers on Amazon. Amazon supports their behavior


The Seller help section still says to refund a “small amount” and file a Safe-T Claim. I just did this and my claim disappeared. Could this be why it disappeared? (Refund was only for $3 so no biggie but I was just curious.)



This is a good strategy.


OK, definitely like your suggestions

One thing, the A to Z claim representation screen doesn’t have a spot to attach images, so I referenced my Seller Support cases that had photographs attached.

I’ll post up replies once I hear

Thank you so much for the help!



Amazon can break their own policies whenever it suits them - after all it is their platform you are selling on.

The Customer “Buyer” is always right… Amazon have so far failed to recognise the “Seller” as a “Customer” of theirs !! (just in my opinion)


I just checked and see the following on BOTH claims:

Granted, Amazon-funded: Jan 16 No further action required

Does this mean I won? :slight_smile:


appears so - but it will come back to haunt you…

(From Experience)… if ever your selling account gets suspended, you could be expected to repay amazon all the “Amazon Funded” A-Z claims before they even consider allowing you back…


In that case, you can do the following:

Submit a ticket to Seller Support saying “Order XXXX was returned to you in damaged condition. See attached pictures”

Then in your A to Z Claim modify the bullet point to say

– Please reference Seller Support ticket number XXX for pictures of the returned product


Both your points are accurate. But, all of us sellers still need to construct our A to Z Claim replies in a way that gives us the best chance of winning.

When we lose an A to Z Claim because Amazon went against their own policy, 90% of the time we win when we appeal. That being said, we still do lose a couple of A to Z Claims each year because Amazon ignored their own policy.


Thank you for explaining.

So, the 2 A to Zs are showing on my ODR right now. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one, will these dissapear since they were Amazon-funded? I’m assuming because it doesn’t say that I funded it, that means I won the cases? Neither is eligible for an appeal…


Never heard of this.

Unless the suspension is directly related to those claims this is highly unlikely and I don’t recall ever seeing a case where a seller had to repay Amazon funded returns to be eligible for suspension to be lifted.

Yes @bennymac, you won. Unfortunately so did the customer but you have to pick your battles.