I am wondering if this is even a real thread? Seems to be a trolling thread? Really, dead bugs as filler and this is going to pass inspection for import? Much less get worn or used? And no info on what kind of product?


If you type in “open a case with Amazon” it will show you seller forum results and if you click on the first one it will bring you to a forum that has a direct link to open a case.
you will see the option to “fix a product page” once inside that add your asin
then go to what you want to fix and use the drop down to the bullet points and make sure you only add 1 bullet point at a time not your whole listing.

It will flag nothing at first so make a change to the bullet point such as adding the word “Free” this will then flag all the problems within that bullet point, make all needed changes and then copy and paste the acceptable bullet into your listing Don’t submit this to Amazon make the changes your self.
Do this for all your bullets and maybe even every other aspect to make sure youre 100% complaint.
This should help you get your listing back. I hope it helps!


What strikes me about these bullet points is how little real information there is.

We learn that the item is made of polyester and has a 300 thread count, which means absolutely nothing to ordinary mortals, and the rest is, to use a word you used yourself, ‘fluff.’

High quality, quality materials etc is what any and everybody would say. And as someone has already pointed out, Oeko-Tech probably means more to a martian than to anyone on this planet.

Bullet points are there to sell the product, no?

Be specific.

Is there anything that makes this item stand out from its competitors?

Does it solve any problems for the buyer?

Is it handmade?


Former carnival barker here… Yeah, that’s way too obnoxious. Don’t the Amazon ToS for product listings state not to use all caps?


Oh Boy…


Sounds like you just opened a can of worms…


The goal is to get your asin back up as quickly as possible. Since you don’t know which specific word or words caused the problem, delete your bullet points altogether. Replace them with five general words describing your product that you know are not a violation of the guidelines. Open a case for reinstatement. Once your item is reinstated, you can rework the bullet points using the comments above and the guidelines to avoid this problem in the future.


Agree, since way back earlier he admitted that the information on the product material has been changed to protect the actually item.
So I believe there are no bugs, it’s not 300 thread count ( who would buy such an item ) and the only reason he titled it as $1m a month is to get everyone’s attention.

I’m not saying it’s not a top selling item, I just don’t think it’s a $1M a month Asin/ Sku

Anyway I would throw out the Material detail’s and work around the other words used in the bullet points.

  • Also I’m no expert here by far, but I thought some of these Huge Power Sellers, ones that sell in the Million have their own Account manager that would help with things like this.


LOL - seems like 99% of you guys do not understand sarcasm. There are NO SQUASHED BUGS in the comforter and THEY DO NOT ENHANCE BREATHABILITY :joy:

I changed the non-relevant bullet points (fabric, thread count etc) to protect the identity of the product and because it had no significance on the suspension decision. I just wanted advice on the structure of the bullet points and not whether you would buy my product or not.

Anyways, people who gave me real advice, I REALLY appreciate it as I’ve fixed this issue :v:


The next time you decide to post for help, EXPLAIN YOURSELF CLEARLY and not mislead potential helpers, by posting irrelevant information, that has nothing to do with the product.

Your original post, mentions nothing about being an “example” of the problem with the bullet points.

Sheesh, indeed…


Hey Goodyear, could you shed some light on how you managed to fix the issue? Im going through the same exact problem. The listing evaluation team is no help, I cant get my product reinstated. This is the worst time of year for this to happen. Please help.

Thank you!


Post your bullet points and let people roast your product.

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