I made up the parts that would have had no significance such as the type of material used, thread count etc.


Now i hope someone makes up a solution for you in the same vein.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Have you checked under your account health dashboard under the Product Policy Compliance ? You mentioned that there is no appeal in the email, but I don’t see whether you checked in your account or not. There should be an appeal button there.


If I would’ve replaced the fabric with the actual material whether it be bamboo, or cotton or said the actual thread count 900 or 1000. Would it have made a difference, no? The point is the main structural words used in the bullet points.


No nothing is there.


Unfortunately, once it is dog paged, you have to have someone review it for it to be reopened. Try opening a case like Lake recommended to see if they can tell you where to send the appeal.


This is hard to read and for the most part, seems untrue. Try This

Crafted using super soft Oeko-Tex certified fabrics.
Constructed of 300 count Polyester with the ideal amount of fluff for temperature control.
Durable construction for lasting use with proper care.

The rest of your points were not relevant and should not be in the bullet points should be in the description. Also, stop screaming at people it is hard to read when you capitalize all the letters. Also, against Amazon’s policy.
The word perfect I swapped and put ideal. Perfect is too subjective where ideal gives a more calculated meaning.
Sing your praises in the description, if someone cares they will read it. If they don’t then they only look at the picture.


Ugh, really? You should be very happy your whole account is not suspended. Take a VERY long breath and read up on Amazon Listing Policies. Some things you are saying defy logic, you apparently have little idea about the standard you MUST maintain to even begin to survive here :frowning:

  • Bullets must be properly written with 1 Capital letter or at most 1st Cap letter
  • Bullets must be under 80 Characters
  • All caps are not allowed
  • Subjective Text is not allowed
  • Brand names are not allowed
  • Avoid all puncuation
  • Words must all be congruent and actually talk about product being sold
  • 100% accuracy of every statement is absolutely mandatory
  • Cannot use words which require 3rd party certificate, such as UL Listed, unless you actually have that
  • Email from Amazon doesn’t state whole problem, look much deeper


Why is it when sellers want the forum’s help they don’t want to share the important stuff like what they are talking about/selling. I know I am not going to run right out and get some for reselling and neither would most here. I have never even heard of Oeko-Tex certified until seeing your post. As someone that deals with suggested fabrics for sewing, Polyester is rarely even given as a suggestion for making clothing and most certainly never recommended for breathability. I know, I know. You then told us your product is made with plastic which is also not breathable and the crushed bugs-yuck. Maybe sometime you will let down your hair and tell us what you are selling so the ideas that people tell you might make sense in light of what you are actually selling.

As a woman that started out helping my mom do laundry, so I have been doing laundry for over 50 years, there is NOTHING EASY about handwashing any fabric. So who do you think you are fooling saying that something is EASY PREMIUM CARE…hand wash. Easy premium care in all caps and then the hand wash in small letters which should be the other way around assuming you could use all caps on the hand wash. I would be ticked as a buyer if having seen ‘easy premium care’ and then missing the hand wash part. You seem to have never done a load of laundry in your life if you think that hand washing anything is easy or premium care. That in itself is an odd statement.

Also claiming your item is more durable, begs the question of more durable than what?
Your bullet points, besides the caps, etc. makes for a listing that I wouldn’t be interested in it either. I’m also not seeing the size of the item anywhere.

I have no advice for you at all, just the reasons why your bullets are silly. If you wanted to honestly tell us the real bullet points, we would help. But if you don’t want to be honest about all this, but still wanting good advice, you can’t really have one without the other.


Contact a catalog specialist and have them call you. Talk about the issue and what needs to be done. Complete exactly what they say then email listing evaluations. Point out the case number related to the catalog specialist and that you’ve correct it. and then wait.


I read through a lot of the replies, but I didn’t see this recommendation: Loose the CAPITAL letters. I would also take the time to read through the TOS specifically for this listing category. Good luck. I know this is frustrating.


Oeko-tex is a German certification for fabric–do you have one? it could be misleading if it is not truly certified.


“triggered a bot” - We got scared that one day Skynet wakes up and destroys people’s lives. But in 2019, we know that it’s not Skynet, just bots on sites like Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


A bullet point is suppose to be short and sweet to the point–not entire paragraphs like you are showing. There is not suppose to be any punctuation–

The best way to care for your PRODUCT is to hand wash–this is not a bullet point describing the product

Loose all the caps–the only letter that should be capped is the first one in the bullet point

How many times are you going to say highest quality product

Only one bullet point per line

It would be nice to see what the title is as well to better help


Polyester does not have a thread count rating. “Most trusted brands” - do you have anything to prove that or are you just blowing smoke?


right on except no periods


I did not notice “at most 1st Cap letter” rule for bullet points. Could you please help me with the reference of this rule regarding bullet points? I may have to change my listings also.


I was surprised it took 51 replies for someone to get to that. That’s the obvious infraction to me.


SACRIFICE is probably the trigger word.


Let me guess, you’re doing $500,000 a month TOO???