I edited the bullet points slightly to hide the product lol. it’s not actually polyester.


So what is it made of? Did the chinese invent something even more harmful for the environment and the wearer than polyester? Is there a sprinkle of plutonium mixed in?


The filling is made out of crushed insects and the outer layer is constructed with the plastic.


who cares? what does this have to do with issue at hand?


Well, that’s not too comforting :sweat:




It’s eco-friendly and biodegradable.


Don’t the crushed insects degrade when you wash the item… What is it, curtains or sheets?


You need to open a case under Other Issues which states that you have modified the listing to remedy the policy warning. The listing is usually reviewed and if acceptable the page is reinstated.


When I do that - they say I need to appeal but nowhere on the message does it say I need to appeal.


Reopen the case and ask where to send the appeal?


Just the thought of sleeping on polyester, makes me break into a sweat, let alone a 300 thread count…

The “Hand wash”, brings to mind a fabric so weak, it will fall apart in a normal washing machine.
These are not 100% silk, that may require hand wash care and certainly not, “EASY PREMIUM CARE…” “Easy,” is the throwing the sheets in a washing machine (cold, gentle cycle, is acceptable), throwing in a low temp dryer and walking away, without fear of the sheets turning to dust.

There is no such animal, as high quality 300 TC polyester sheets - it’s an oxymoron and anyone reading the bullets, will likely feel the same.

Also, unless you have Oeko-Tex, certification on all the sheet labels, it can not be used:


Again - I made up a lot of the specifications in the bullet points to hide the product in question. It is not polyester nor 300 TC. I wanted people to dissect the wording and help with the policy warning not critique the product. Jeez


Did the warning indicate it was sent from listings-evaluations or was it from PQ Product Review?


but we want to hear about the dead bugs and how they sustain being washed…


This statement may well be the why of your issue. Your bullet points were “fiction” to hide what the actual product is? Not an accusation, just seeking clarification.


I believe they “made up” what they showed here in the forum so as to not give away what their actual product is.


That is what I think as well. But how can they expect help analyzing a problem if they don’t provide the actual details?


Ahhhhh silly me for missing that nuance. The insect filling must have creeped out my brain.

Thank you @The_Preferred for setting me straight. :slightly_smiling_face:


It was from listings-evaluation