I got a Policy Warning Email stating our ASINs have been suspended because of ATTRIBUTE IN NEED OF CORRECTION: BULLET POINT. It never says anything about an appeal - only to modify the bullet point and relist. I tried this and that doesn’t work. I’ve attached the bullet points before for reference.

I also emailed listings-evaluations@amazon.com to help reinstate them but they keep telling me this email was only intended to bring the policy warning to my attention. My December sales have taken a huge hit as they’ve been suspended for a little over a week now. What do I do?

HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT – Our PRODUCT is crafted using super soft Oeko-Tex certified fabrics.
BREATHABLE POLYESTER – By using 300 THREAD COUNT POLYESTER and the perfect amount of fluff, our products are carefully constructed for temperature control.
EASY PREMIUM CARE – The best way to care for your PRODUCT is to hand wash
DON’T SACRIFICE QUALITY FOR PRICE – We use QUALITY MATERIALS which makes our products MORE DURABLE. Our manufacturer produces for the most trusted brands in the USA.

How do I reactivate my listings?
Please modify your product and product detail page to ensure they do not violate Amazon listing policies.

To edit your ASINs:

  1. In the Inventory section of Seller Central, select Manage Inventory.
  2. Search for the ASIN you would like to edit and click Fix Stranded Inventory.
  3. Edit the inactive ASIN by updating the current page.
  4. Save and finish.

Amazon search is still broken and is losing me millions

BREATHABLE POLYESTER – By using 300 THREAD COUNT POLYESTER and the perfect amount of fluff, our products are carefully constructed for temperature control
300 thread count polyester? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

seriously…try removing the Oeko-tex part [what the heck is it anyway?}
and this line:
one of those seems to have triggered a bot.


Oeko-tex just means that it is free of harmful chemicals / substances. I’ll try removing the last part.


Your bullet points read like a carnival barker…

I would avoid at all costs.


I didn’t ask if you would purchase or not :sweat:


Honestly, your bullets sound too personal. You use “our” a lot instead of just stating facts about the item. I’d save all of that stuff and about your manufacturer for EBC. Use the bullets just to describe the product, not your product.


They come off as Spammy, click-bate, and this is why a bot caught you. Sorry my first post wasn’t clear enough for you.

Amazon does not care if it is a $10m/Month ASIN, a bot flag is a bot flag, correct it or don’t.


I think the term “HIGHEST QUALITY” triggered the alert. It is a subjective commentary which is not allowed in titles and bullet points.


HIGH QUALITY* Would that be better?


It should be High Quality already without needing a bullet point for it, and the caps are shouting… Your choice, not a policy violation, but bullet points with all caps within them tend to turn people off. Could turn your 1m/mo item into a 2m/mo item just by using proper text


Is being spammy a violation of seller policies though lol - I have drastically reduced the word count and removed a lot of what I posted. That was the original bullet point description.

I’ll take your advice into consideration - thank you. Will remove caps too.


But he is correct.
I would also not purchase when i saw those bullet points.
They look spammy.
A bullet point should be:

100 percent polyester
300 thread count
Hand wash
but as a frequent bedding buyer…300 thread count is NOT a selling point at all…
but then again…neither is anything polyester to me.


Be it highest or not, the term “high quality” itself can be easily flagged when used in titles and bullet points. You can try removing the “-est” and see what happens, but I doubt that would fix the problem.


Yea - I pretty much removed that from the listing. Anything with the word quality or price was removed. Just focused on the product features in a very neutral tone.

But the policy warning makes it seem like I don’t have to appeal and can simply relist? That was what I was trying to figure out.


Sometimes. We’ve gotten this type of issue and the same response. Once, we had to appeal, and most were just fixing the issue and relisting.


When I try modifying and relisting - it becomes active but I still see dog pages.


It can take a few hours to re-activate, sometimes it takes a case with seller support to get the dog page fixed after a removal alert.


That’s what I thought first. Relisted it a few times this last week, modified the bullet points - images everything and still get dog pages. Seller support has just been telling me I have to appeal despite the policy warning listing no appeal email or action to do so.


Polyester… without harmful chemicals. Those words don’t fit together. Ever hear of micro-plastic? A destroyer of worlds.


I think your right, I honestly don’t think you can appeal as there is no way to do so if I remember correctly