12 years account is in Risk! HELP


I received Suspected Intellectual Property Violations for using the word Gildan in my listings, I removed Gildan and now they are saying that I need to remove the pictures as well. I sell my own design on a Gildan shirt, not sure what is the problem but oh well. I removed the pictures as well (I have thousands af listings not sure how can I remove all pictures, every day I receive Suspected Intellectual Property Violations
I sell on Amazon for over 12 years with the same pictures never had an issue,
Can someone please help me? I fixed the listings but still SS is no help


You cannot advertise this as Gildan.

They did not make the final product.


Not a t-shirt guy but isn’t Gildan one of the major suppliers? Do you just need to ask for permission?

The Gildan Marketing department allows distributors and end-users alike to obtain and use a vast selection of Gildan images, such as logos, photography and product information and can even give you access to an online repository of images to use at your convenience. Contact us at marketing@gildan.com with your request.
Please be sure to provide the following information in your email:
• Contact
• Name of Company
• Website
• Contact Number
• Type of product content you are interested in using


Hello @t_shirt_lad,

Cat here from Amazon to help answer your questions.

I understand you are concerned about the suspected intellectual property violations involving your use of the brand Gildan in your listings.

You will need to verify that all images showing that trademark have been removed. This would include any secondary images. Another way to fix this is as @JwsMarket stated:

I would follow the directions they posted and reach out to us to request approval to sell that brand. Please make sure you have your documentation in order when you request approval.

I recognize that you are worried about your account health because of these violations. Do you have an “appeal” button on your account health dashboard? Have you received a performance notification indicating your account is at risk? If so, you can post the notification here so we can begin working on a plan to address the issues that are affecting your account health.

Thank you for letting the forums community assist you in this matter.

Best to you,



Thank you @cat for your respond.
Please see the picture of the Risk notification
I apealed two days ago but did not get a respond yet, I removed the pictures from the 34 listings
As I said I have 10000’s of listings in order to remove all of the pictures it would take me a year, I sell on Amazon for about 12 years and buy Gildan shirts for 12 years from the same supplier, i dosnt say anywhere that I cant buy and sell their shirts, (I sell my own designs on Gildan shirts) not sure why Amazon is saying that its not allowed.
Please let me know what is the next step


I removed all pictures but Im still getting this message
I also removed Gildan as a brand.
Please update the complete/correct Brand name. You are listing “Gildan” licensed products with an unlicensed brand.

“Gildan” products can only be listed by licensed brands. Please know that you may be subject to additional approvals depending on the brand name.