12 Marketplaces


I am a new seller on Amazon and I chose to sell only at north America. But the marketplaces that are shown are 12. Whats wrong?

Being charged for a marketplace I didn't choose


You must have one of those new unified special accounts, unless you’re being charged for all of those marketplaces --extra fees I would just put them on vacation…

They are almost impossible to close permanently…

You probably have a professional account and it probably charging me 39.99 monthly…


I suspect you chose Global somewhere during the process and didn’t realize it.


But for some reason, I wasn’t charged for the other marketplaces, exept from japan which Amazon charged me just 1,5$


That is how the Global Selling works.


Hi there! I am having the same issue. I only wanted US - for some reason I have all of them. I’ve spent the last day on the phone with multiple people with trying to figure out what happened/what is going on. So far Ive been told that they can’t unlink them. Are you being charged for more than one marketplace? I see a ‘pending charge’ in my account from amz japan. This is a nightmare. I wish I could just delete it all and start over. Any suggestions?