1000 plus Hijacked 5 star verified purchase reviews on a single product



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Follow the directions and use the format, as described here: 1000 plus Hijacked 5 star verified purchase reviews on a single product


This problem is still rampant even after new review policies :frowning:

Action towards violators are still very slow, which again they just merge it all again.


I just checked the eyelash serum seller

a few days after we posted this … back in September , their hijacked reviews were disconnected from the product

I was Kudoing Amazon then

now just about all the hijacked reviews are BACK!


This literally just happened to a seller I reported… Either Amazon is allowing this to occur or there is some shady business occurring on the back end between these sellers and Amazons employees.


Very likely…


Most of this could be eliminated if changes were reviewed by humans instead of machines. Changes to things like title, brand, upc, image, and description would be quick for a rep to verify and move on. In honestly the money spent on human review of product page changes would probably cost less than all the customer service and investigative units they have to hire because after a few weeks of human review as opposed to bot review, the amount of hijack attempts would plummet. But alas, it’ll never happen…but I can dream


how to stop some fraud sellers non-verified purchase review abuse problem?They misuse some thousands such fake reviews everyday,such as : B07NV1NC7T , B07N4K65FD,you will find more such fraud sellers for such products.It seems that Amazon acquiesce in such fake reviews.


Hmmm. 6,281 reviews that are 100% 5-star*?

It seems that Madison Avenue’s greatest success stories - convincing the marketplace that the least-palatable part of a yard-bird and the notion that water must come in a bottle to be potable are not only desirable but indeed represent must-have purchases - might be in imminent jeopardy of losing their crowns to a new product offer (/sarc).

Were those crowns not already bestowed, I might be more confident that the marketplace - i.e., the buyers themselves - might have a greater impact upon Amazon’s smug confidence that its own crown in retail is truly secure from any and all trends, and from any currently-prevailing zeitgeist - and a greater hope that the common need of any business to profit in the present, combined with such demonstrable smugness as is evinced by allowing such obviously-fraudulent offers to pollute its Catalog, will not ultimately prove to be a pitfall on the path to the true goal of profiting in perpetuity.

Harboring no such rose-colored illusions for the future, the best advice I can offer in answer to your question about how to counteract such fraudulent activity is to study Rushdie’s recommendations in all of her/his posts upthread, and to follow them exactly - I cannot of course guarantee that doing so will prove helpful to your own satisfaction, but it I can say that it largely has for us.





Aww, come on! They do have 11 Verified purchases!

Date first listed on Amazon: November 21, 2018

And down to 3,789, from the original 6,281. Someone is working. Hopefully, over the next several days, the majority of those fake reviews, will vanish.

Why they do not instantly, suspend sellers like this, boggles my mind.

Your assessment of the entire situation, is spot on. Someone, needs be to cut off at the knees.

Great Amazon has taken actions to non-Verified purchase fake reviews

Down to 1727 now, including a two-star from 14March I don’t recall seeing yesterday. It is pleasing to note that your famed “Scam Review Template” continues to enjoy effectiveness.

It is somewhat less satisfying that the need to use it continues apace…


And an hour after my previous post, the review count was back up to 3,172, 3171 of them 5 Star:

Screenshot 2

In the short time it took me to write this post, the count rose further, to 4,238:

Screenshot 3

I’ve seen some evidence to suggest that such fluctuations are to be expected when the Community Team is working its magic.

I’ve seen some evidence to suggest that such fluctuations are to be expected when database latencies, data deduplication techniques, and related concerns of a technical nature are in play.

I’ve seen some evidence to suggest that such fluctuations are perhaps attributable to competing mechanisms (automated or manual) ‘butting heads’ - the sterling efforts of Hit the Books, et al to reveal feedback manipulation have provided some clear evidence of this type of thing being all-too-common for that topic, as do certain posts of KeysLife, your own, and many others on the topic of review manipulation in this long-running thread and several more.

As you noted earlier, it will be interesting to see what shakes out over the next few days…


In the 6 hours since I made this post, the seller has received 8,049 reviews (don’t worry, that 8050th new review will soon be coming down the pike) - the count’s now up to 12,282:

Screenshot 4

Madison Avenue execs must be drooling - nay, foaming at the mouth - to get this seller’s business, because he’s apparently got the best thing since sliced bread going for him…


Yes, but no worries, Amazon’s on it!

When Forbes Magazine Kiri Masters wrote the article ( published 2/19/2019)

The New Black Hat Tactics Amazon Sellers Are Using To Take Out Their Competition

Interviewed Amazon, the Amazon Representative response was:

In a statement, Amazon said that they invest significant resources to protect the integrity of reviews. “We know customers value the insights and experiences shared by fellow shoppers. Even one inauthentic review is one too many. We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, ban, and take legal action on those who violate our policies,” said a spokesperson.

The statement from Amazon continued to outline their approach to responding to review manipulation and in preventing the root cause.

“We use a combination of teams of investigators and automated technology to prevent and detect inauthentic reviews at scale, and to take action against the bad actors behind the abuse. We estimate more than 90% of inauthentic reviews are computer generated, and we use machine learning technology to analyze all incoming and existing reviews 24/7 and block or remove inauthentic reviews. Our team investigates suspect reviews, works with social media sites to stop inauthentic reviews at the source, pursues legal action to stop offenders from planning reviews abuse, and feeds new information into our automated systems so it continues to improve and become more effective in catching abuse.”

just a footnote:

The fact that those reviewer accounts who post hundreds or thousands of unverified reviews in a single day are not automatically identified by the Amazon AI Bot is perplexing

Screenshot... a long one of 1000's fake unverified reviews by a single user on the same date


We believe this seller is engaging in fraudulent activity.
New seller, more than 500 listings.

Seller’s name: rulankeji

Link to their storefront:


Dog page now…


These guys are also using non-verified fake reviews to boot sales as well
We should post every fake review listing here to let Amazon take them down.
There are so many out there.
Take down as many as we can to clear the market.


My Head Hurts Reading all this Stuff…:weary: :dizzy_face:


Here is where to start =
thousands of fake reviews in the top reviewed products EARBUDS

then scoot over to this category - Thousands fake reviews in Pest Repellers

there are many many categories totally overrun by fake reviews.


they found another way to abuse it as verified purchase.

Why do below fraud sellers can misuse fake reviews and cheat in Amazon everyday since the date they registered in Amazon?

Each cent they sold in Amazon are full of fraud!!!

They misused non-verified purchase review before,now they are misusing another fake reviews.

They never obey any Amazon polices since the date they registered in Amazon,they are just cheating and cheating everyday.So we can not understand why Amazon takes 100% tolerance to these fraud sellers?

He misused 170pcs fake reviews within one day on April 28,all the reviewers name are :Amazoncustomer

Also you can find below sellers had the same violations,
zhang yubin
The Golden Swallow

we think these 5 sellers should belong to the same company,but we are sure they are from China

Below you can find other fraud sellers who unscrupulously manipulating Product Reviews, through various methods of co-opting / hijacking, an old, unused, or previously branded ASIN, by substituting a new product, completed unrelated to the original product:
Seller: Pofu