10 day LSR over 4% but 30 day LSR under 4%


Hello everyone, we have been a long time seller and have come across some issues with amazon carrier this past weekend. Our amazon carrier failed to pick up this past Monday and on Tuesday only made a partial pick up. This resulted in 12 late orders. Our 10 day LSR is at 5.29% (violating amazon’s under 4% policy), but our 30 day LSR is at 3.03% (still good). Our question is, should we be concerned that our account may be deactivated? or should we wait another 10 days for the percentage to go down? Also, is there any way to file a claim or appeal for the orders that were marked late?

Any and all feedback is much appreciated.
Thank you.


We do not used Amazon as a carrier. I thought they had a way to resolve issues like this.

We are writing to announce an additional two week extension of our pause on account suspensions for order performance issues, through May 31.

Beginning June 1, we will restart tracking and enforcing selling accounts with high cancellation rate, late shipment rate, or order defect rate per our established order performance standards. Any order performance defects showing in your Account Health page from prior to June 1 will not be used to evaluate your account health.


Your saying as of June 1st, will basically have a clean slate?


Hello @deal_shopper_s_,

Cassie with Amazon here.

I understand that you recently had a few late shipments, and I would like to provide advice how to approach this issue.

Generally, your account may be at risk for deactivation if your late shipment rate goes above 4%. However, due to COVID-19 we have relaxed some of our order performance policies through May 31st. If your late shipment rate continues to be over 4% then we may request a plan of action. For your reference, I am including additional information about COVID-19 updates here.

We do not have a process for appealing individual late shipments. It seems that this issue was a one time situation and you will be able to improve your metrics over the next 10 days. If the late shipments continue, you may want to consider making adjustments to your handling time or carriers.

I hope that you find this information helpful. Thank you for your post.



I don’t know how Amazon carriers work, but if you noticed that they didn’t pick up did you call them, or did you think about taking them to the PO or do they not get regular postage labels. If my orders aren’t picked up on time or I’m not done packing them by the time the carrier makes rounds, I take them to the PO myself. The last thing I would do is realize that things haven’t been picked up and not done anything about it. Can you not supervise the person doing the pick up to be sure they are do their job?

I don’t think I have heard of anyone having Amazon pickup so perhaps you could tell us more how it works or in your case doesn’t work.


Thank you very much! The information you provided was extremely helpful.


Not at all, it is kind of the opposite of that. Your ODR can be 10% and it won’t get you suspended on May 31st. Come June 1st your ODR can be lower (say it drops to 5%), but you no longer get that free pass and you can be suspended.