Just venting, but it’s something that’s near and dear to my heart, as I’m sure it is every seller. I’m just wondering why the ODR metric is under 1%, when the late shipment rate needs to be 4% or less (should be less than 1%, if you’re a good seller) The pre-fulfillment cancel rate is under 2.5% (should be close to 0, if you’re monitoring your inventory) and valid tracking rate needs to be over 95%, which should be 99% Those three metrics have never been less/more than 0, 0, 100 for me, respectively. Yet if you are a low volume seller like me (under 100 items/month) and I have just ONE person leave negative feedback for something like…“the box was all scuffed up” Something out of my control, if Fedex is rough with the package…then BAM, my ODR is 1.x% putting me over the allowable 1%. And that’s just ONE instance. Again, is it just me, or is the 1% benchmark simply not fair/realistic? I’m sure I’ll have plenty who disagree with me, but I’m really struggling to be able to sell, because I’m over the 1% mark. A true “defect” IMO would be something that was “defective” (go figure) and could be returned to the buyer, and the buyer should be dinged for that.

But speaking from experience, maintaining the 1% benchmark for a neg feedback for “the box was scuffed up” (the item itself was fine, mind you) just seems so difficult to maintain.

Change my mind. Constructive criticism welcome.


(seller should be dinged for that, not buyer)


Here is how I see this.

Yes, 1-2% feedback is great, and all that any seller can “count on”

Ebay started using feedback, and Amazon followed suit. But — buyer knew that the seller’s on eBay were individual sellers. On Amazon, there are many individual sellers, yet the buyers “believe” they are buying from Amazon. And, since Amazon is such a huge sales site, they figure they Amazon has enough feedback and they don’t need it.

People now do not take the time to bother with leaving feedback or a review. It’s just how it is. People just want their stuff. They don’t care how or who gets it to them. They are out of the eBay habit, and will never go back. It’s too much of a bother… unless they are mad about something.

So… don’t expect too much from Amazon’s buyers. They just don’t want to be bothered with it.

And, it doesn’t matter that the post office, or UPS, or FedEx messes up the box. It’s what they see, how they receive it, and it’s your fault for not packaging the product well enough to get it to them safely.


I agree with you on 100% of this (especially “they just want their stuff…It’s too much of a bother”)
Except one thing. The item in question, for me, was a large Little Tikes inflatable slide. In it’s own 3 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot box. Should I have paid the extra 20 dollars to put this box…inside of a box…to make the cusomer “more appreciate” the box inside? I mean, really? At what point do we, as sellers, and consumers, take the blinders off, and realize that there is someone…behind this shipment, and to chill the f out. Ugh, it’s so dang frustrating.


I would imagine it was going to be a gift and the “box” is the first thing people see. I agree, the gift presenter may have wrapped it. Pretty. Kids do not care. Parents of the kid probably did not care. If you used AZ Buy Shipping and the feedback was only about shipping, you may be able to get it struck thru.

If you want pristine as a buyer, walk your little self into a store and pick the one you are happy with. The box you buy online may not even have a pretty picture on it. Many stores get the pretty box for the retail shelf and plain brown box (maybe more robust) for the online sales.