0.99% ODR and all my listings are 'hidden' from search


I am a low-volume seller and with some bad luck, I got into the bad books of Amazon.

I understand that with a more than 1% ODR, my account will get suspended or terminated. But I am still within the ‘safe’ limits according to Amazon’s metrics, why are all my buy boxes gone?

On the other end, I am trying to work on those defects so that I can remove the counts from my account. But all these A-Z cases that are in my account are ‘pending’ and stay pending for weeks. Even at pending status, they are still counted in ODR. I tried to email seller support to resolve the issue, they just ask me to simply wait it out.

A-Z Case 1) Item delivered. The customer provided an incorrect address. Customers claim non-receipt. and request us to resend the order to the new address after delivery.
Status: pending 16th Aug

A-Z Case 1) Item not delivered. The customer provided an incorrect address and contact number, thus delivery cannot be completed by Fedex. Customers claim non-receipt. While I am trying to get his complete details, the customer replies with a new address without his contact number. When I asked again, he goes unresponsive and opened a claim.
Status: Appealed and pending since 13th Aug

A-Z Case 3) Customer starts a return. Customer starts A-Z after not getting a refund. A-Z awards a refund to the customer even when the customer has yet to send the return out. No shipping updates on the return tracking.
Status: Appealed and pending since 22nd July


That was just yesterday.

If you received a message from the buyer, you could have checked the tracking…seen it was being returned to you and issued a refund. We would normally wait for the return but, we have no ODR issue.

Same as the above. Check tracking and issue a refund. You never want to alter a shipping address on any major platform.

You are under the 1% and this should not normally affect an otherwise healthy account.

Many categories have more stringent rules to be able to have the Buy Box. Not having the Buy Box does not mean that you are hidden from search unless you rely on advertising to get sales.


Hello @ the_casing

Alberto here with some help. I understand you are looking for some help related to buy box eligibility for some of your products.

To be eligible for the buy box your account should be in good health. If your account was recently over the threshold, it can take up to 30 days for your product to be eligible again.

Here is a great video that goes over the buy box eligibility that you will find useful.

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Not having buy box basically means no sales for us.

It appears that Amazon denied our A-Z Case 2 appeal, stating that the delivery is still not yet completed. Amazon asked us to claim losses from carrier. If the address provided were correct, the delivery would have been long completed. The fact that the buyer gave an invalid address is the root cause of why the delivery cannot be completed. And we are penalized for that?

Case 1 & 3 are still pending as of now even though it is so clear cut that it is eligible for a removal


You need to improve the ODR in a bit (Get 0.9%<) and you will be BuyBox eligible again.


Amazon provides no remedy for these issues. Secretly Amazon wants low volume sellers to suffer and Amazon will not provide a remedy to solve the issue. A to Z claims are becoming the main way customers deal with issues as they want a refund even if its their fault.