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Name: Seth@MWS  
Status Level: Amazonian (179)
Registered: 17 Jun, 2014 10:52 PM
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Re: GetFeedSubmissionResult doesn't return XML but a plain text.
Was your input feed flat file format? The feeds system provides processing reports in the same form...
Re: GetLowestOfferListingsForASIN Returns 0 Offers
GetMatchingProductForId with the parent ASIN. Then use the ASINs in the VariationChild nodes. For mo...
Re: GetMyFeesEstimate Java Array for List help needed
Try this. The part you were missing is creating the PriceToEstimateFees object and the MoneyType obj...
Re: GetMyFeesEstimate Java Array for List help needed
Hi Oneida! I'll work on more detailed sample code for the Fee Estimates in Java and post to this thr...
How to Submit a Feed
Submitting feeds successfully is a three step process: submitting the feed, monitoring the feed&rsqu...