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Name: Jungle Admin  
Status Level: Enthusiast (1,828)
Registered: 10 Mar, 2012 7:11 PM
Total Posts: 1,545
Location Cincinnati Ohio
Occupation Seller Consulting and Custom Software Tools
Biography We provide consulting and management services to brands, and create software tools and custom solutions for sellers. Please see our Jungle Admin and 3rd Soft websites to learn more about the services we offer.

Recent Messages:
Re: need to mark inventory as sold out - how do I do this?
You can't set an FBA qty to 0. Either change the selling date or price it higher than your price max.
Re: How can I combine two parent listings into one?
Create a case and ask Amazon to do it for you.
Re: How to hide UPC code?
Edit Listing Vital Info Product ID (choose ASIN) This often works.
Re: Stop sellers from adding their company site into the Product Description?
We are working on this very issue right now with a client. We're working only with ASINs that the c...
Re: Do parent ASINs show up in search results or only child?
Most people put -parent at the end of their SKU to help differentiate the children SKUs vs Parent SKU.