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Name: Planet Records  
Status Level: Novice (104)
Registered: 06 Jul, 2012 2:05 PM
Total Posts: 151
Total Questions: 18 (15 unresolved)
Location Cambridge, MA

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Re: Regarding Amazon Warehouse Deals Feedback Rating
As sellers we try hard to maintain high ratings. You have to be careful and honest. It's to Amazon'...
Re: Pending Orders submitted to _GET_FLAT_FILE_ORDERS_DATA_
Yes, isn't that strange? I've noticed this a few times myself. We've seen new orders arrive with a p...
Re: Tax Information and Reports
2b) Also what does this mean - "Seller Central sellers can only schedule one _GET_ORDERS_DATA_ or _...
Re: New DVD restrictions - MSRP above $24.99 - Can MWS provide this MSRP data?
The Products API GetMatchingProductXXX calls return a ListPrice element in AttributeSets when possib...
Re: Sales API for large volumes?
Can you explain more about what you'd like to achieve? It can take a very long time to initially po...


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I keep getting internal error responses from the Products API with GetMatchingProductForId. It happe...
Reactivating a closed offer
It's easy to close an offer using the _POST_FLAT_FILE_INVLOADER_DATA_; you need nothing but the sku ...
AdjustmentReason Enumeration
The values in AdjustmentReason mostly make sense and seem to correspond to the reasons available whe...
Accepted Values: A date in this format: yyyy-mm-dd, which indicates the shipment date of the produc...
Converged ReportTypes
What's the difference between "converged" and non-converged reports? At first I thought converged mi...