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Name: Intentwise  
Registered: 18 Nov, 2016 4:07 PM
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Re: Very In Depth Question About Sponsored Products
I believe it shows in the column of the Customer Search Terms report with the heading Other ASIN's ...
Re: Sponsored Products reports
You can download reports through Reports-"Advertising reports" section where you can download few di...
Re: Does sessions data include the sponsored clicks?
Clicks and sessions are different. Session is a 24hr period entity and you can have many clicks wit...
Re: Where can I see the Sponsored Ads sales per day
"Advertising Reports" section. You can see data by campaign, keywords or over time.
Re: How to check that I have Sponsored Products Ads account registered?
Once your registration has happened you should have a App ID assigned to your application. Also a cl...


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When you download the daily campaign aggregate data it shows the lifetime data with each download. I...
AMS sponsored ads Lifetime reports sale metric issue
We are seeing instances where the revenue/sale data is decreasing in the 2 consecutive downloads. I...
Sponsored Ads API for search terms
Currently I don't see any API available for the retrieval of customer search terms from with the rep...
Login into both NA and EU endpoints to access seller central API
Hi, I have created an account for sellercentral API and it works well with EU endpoint. However, ...
API accessing EU and NA end points
I have a registered application for which I have the API ClientID and Secret. I can use this and ac...